Oh Yes You Are Too A Douchebag!


You don’t get to not be a douchebag merely by saying you’re not a douchebag, douchebag!


15 thoughts on “Oh Yes You Are Too A Douchebag!”

  1. He’s not a douchebag.
    He knows he’s hot and has the self-respect to seek only those who are on his level.
    If that doesn’t include you, that’s not his fault.
    Just don’t expect him to lower his standards, to validate you.

          1. Still can’t prove me wrong, I see.
            Actually, no, I don’t, because, unlike you, I make smart life decisions, like embracing my masculinity.
            Try it sometime. It’s pretty liberating.:)

    1. Adam – anorexic douche is douche. 6’2 @ 150lbs and the photo don’t match. He’s a liar, he’s average looking and he “hates”.

  2. Adam you are boring us -you don’t like someone block or don’t reply, simple!
    Stop validating these car crashes

    1. Tippy, you guys are the “car crashes”, miserably bitching because hot, masculine guys openly reject you online, as they do in real life.
      Best of luck to you.:)

  3. Interesting how Americans will say something offensive then say ” God bless you ” or ” good luck to you “… An odd people…


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