Trawler Douche


It seems that heightism is the new trend here on Douchebags of Grindr. This grindr douche gives gays a new taxonomic classification!



Leonid Brezhnev on Grindr?


I didn’t even know Brezhnev was still alive, let alone cruising the Grindr.

Incoming search terms:

  • lndianman penisimges

God Don’t Like Ugly Grindr Douche


Wow. This one is really a piece of work. Racist, Fattist, Sizist, AND agist, but  UGLY UGLY UGLY HIMSELF!!



Designing Douche


Oh, and he wants you to hire him as a designer.  As long as you’re attractive. Grindr is truly rich.


Deleting Douche

This Grindr douche just likes to delete.


Loser Grindr Douche


Apparently loses a lot of things… like his personality.



Not Cute Douche


He already knows his tatt is nice, but he doesn’t know that he’s racist or ugly.


Rubbish Douche

Very classy grindr douche.


Secret Society Douche


Above average only? Seriously? hahahaha. Douche.



Someone Fell Out of the Cuckoo Clock

cuckoo grindr douche

I mean what else is there to say about this one besides MESS?