Vengeful Douche

Can't imagine why anyone would cheat on such a charming, mellow individual.

9 thoughts on “Vengeful Douche”

  1. This might have been posted by the person he’s cheating with, not the person he’s cheating on, and probably only because he wouldn’t leave his husband for him. It says he’s “currently” cheating, not that he cheated.

  2. I don’t blame the partner, the cheater is to blame. Cheaters are the worst. I have only sympathy for the partner and his actions are not only justifiable but awesome :P

  3. Luis has this right. The guy in the picture is the cheater and his bf posted it. So technically, the guy in the picture is a douche. But the poster is a fucking hero. Lol. I love it.

  4. I think the Pic is of a guy who is cheating on their husband.. and who ever the owner of the profile is is doing a great job exposing a cheating Douche

  5. Seems massively passive/aggressive to me. If you r “boyfriend” is a cheating douche, just dump him already and get on with your life.

  6. I was a bit confused.
    I think people should cut the drama and keep their dirt to themselves.
    He’s obviously not relationship material but good for a NSA I suppose.

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