Princess Lady

Technically not a douche, but too weird to not share with the world.

19 thoughts on “Princess Lady”

  1. G – save your ‘offensive’ for your country’s government [next time they don't pass a law for equality] . . . anyway i think its the reference to ‘princess’ that makes this weird . . .

  2. nothing douchey about this. I find it a contradiction that you would claim intolerance on the other profiles but when someone is expressing themselves you attack them. yes its a little weird to most but pointing out intolerance is what I thought this site was focused on. some guys are into cross dressing who are we to attack that.

  3. You purport to be an arbitrator of what is douche and what is not, and yet you call someone out for not conforming to gender stereotypes? Weak. You’re as bad as some of the racist douches you make fun of.

  4. yeah this posting makes this site obsolete, the admin clearly is a douche bag as well. that dude isn’t a douche bag or weird. another example of pot calling the kettle black (by posting entries about intolerance and racism and how those people are douche bags, but then attacking perfectly nice guys and using your site to degrade and get others to put him down.)

  5. Yo im all for being who you wanna be but your a dude…like if your gunna be in a dress do us all a favor and atleast look like a drag queen

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