Li’l Cunt

22 thoughts on “Li’l Cunt”

  1. How much $$$ to take a crap on your douchey little bouffant hairdon’t and then smack that asslip smirk off your face? Whatever it costs, it’d be money well spent.

  2. His Rates should be he has to pay for sex!!! not attractive at all! and the fact he’s a low life prosty says he probably has all kinds of diseases steer clear of that douche

  3. Seriously??? This “THING” has not ONE good compliment. What a tragic mess. Some no class whore trying to make it big time in the shadows of real Queen Bee’s. Poor darling. “Just be chill dude?” I feel like I’m watching an old surfer movie. I’m dying to know his rates!!! $5 a BJ. $10 for a night? Discounts on weekends??? LMAO!!!! This is priceless!! I’m too fucking done! NEXT!!!!!!!!!

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