Good Luck With That Douche

17 thoughts on “Good Luck With That Douche”

  1. I agree with him. Doesn’t take long on grindr before any sane person feels like this. Why is he on this site? It’s the douchebags that have made him so unhappy in the first place

  2. If you judge all men by what you find on Grindr, then yes, they generally are.

    But to whine about it ON GRINDR is so attention-whorish. If you want to quit, quit. Don’t go another month with a profile saying you are going to.

  3. Helen Keller could sense this queen enter a room. Good luck dating women. Also, put your blouse back in the trash where you found it.

  4. your reviews call him all kinds of derogatory names, kind of funny thats how you deal with what he said on a site aimed at people who use derogatory words to express their likes and dislikes. i guess you’re no better than the people listed on here.

  5. He’s adorable, but douche is not the word I’d use to describe him… more like “attention whore” there ya go..

  6. the most hilarious part is that the infamous headless masc dom tops of grindr are largely rejects off straight women’s dating pool, and this little baby is feeling that dating girls IS a better option that stepping down towards grindr lessers (you know who they are).
    I hope he got his relationships sorted out <3 sending love and light his way.

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