Yet Another Asian Hating Grindr Douche

yet another asian hating grindr douche

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30 thoughts on “Yet Another Asian Hating Grindr Douche”

  1. can someone please develop an invite only White Power (Bottom) Grindr applet so all those morons could find each other in one odd place?

  2. Not all Australians are racially intolerant. I am 31. Initially I disliked Asians sexually. Nowadays I speak Mandarin and I have a Chinese boyfriend of nearly three years. As to this douche: anyone with gynaecomastia like his, is in no position to be choosy.

  3. Aussie here. The racist culture I see is disturbing.
    It was and is against the Infigenous Australians. It’s a complex mess but very little is being done effectively to address it. There are minutes from my own local council where a council member (this is in 1908 I think) suggests going to the mission and using a “tommy gun” to kill the Aboriginals. This was seen easier than moving the mission. There is a real animosity towards the Lebanese which I don’t understand.
    Please believe its not everyone and everywhere. 🙁
    Seems mostly with the people that aren’t that bright. It really has saddened me to read the above comments about my home. I never realized that there was that perception. 🙁
    Check out ‘Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes’ on a video streaming site. It will open eyes to the generational harm racism has tolled and the daily struggle of people that aren’t white.
    This guy is a wanker and I hope he gets in a scrap with some Asians at his local club. He needs sense knocked into him. You can’t send out that kind of hate. Why doesn’t Grindr monitor that stuff?

  4. This asshole just msged me on grindr and said “is this thing another asian” ummm no shit sherlock. I was going to post him on this site, i guess someone beat me to it….

  5. Much as I lOve Australia race does seem to be a real issue there. Mind you, when I went to a bar famous for Asian customers I was kinda shocked by the guys in there. My Asian friends wouldn’t speak to them as they said they were ‘low class Chinese’. So theres racism everywhere!

  6. Yes, Indians and Pakistanis have an internal cast system. The lighter the skin the better you are.
    Darker skins for farming and menial work. At least that’s what my Indian friends tell me.

  7. Mac: I am with my boyfriend because I want to be. My age is not a factor. I could go out with a white guy if I chose, but I am yet to find one who is as loving, thoughtful and interesting as my boyfriend. I believe your question is invalid, since it is based on an assumption that every white guy who goes out with Asian guys, or any other race than his own, only does so because he “cannot get” anyone else. That is simply not true.

    Asian guys also have a power of veto in the gay scene. They are not mindless toys. They are human beings, with mild cosmetic differences to white guys.

    I have had partners and shags of every colour because I do not hold race to be a limiting factor in attraction.

  8. Is there really that much anti Asian sentiment among white gays or is it just exaggerated on here? I have Asian friends and never heard them comment about being rejected anywhere.

  9. Beaker, it’s not imaginary or exaggerated. In fact, some of my white Aussie pals choose remain blind to the amount of racism/hatred directed at gay Asian men despite my best efforts at educating them. I’ve seen enough “no Asians” on sites here to be numb to it. This guy is just another in a long list of intolerant white trash.

  10. At Australian, it’s difficult having any vetoing power when the odds are stacked so highly against gay Asian males. I honestly don’t understand how the prejudice can be so overwhelming or why Asians to them seem so repulsive. I have yet to know one Asian-Caucasian gay couple where the white male is more attractive than the Asian male.

  11. LOL: I meant to say that Asian guys do retain a power to choose who they “go with”. I am not in a position to make a truly informed judgement (I have not researched the prevalence of anti-Asian sentiment online in a quantitative way), but I agree with you that there does seem to be a large number of gay
    guys who don’t “want Asians”.

    I was repulsed too by Asian guys until I travelled and lived overseas (South Korea and coastal China). I realised that, well holy shit, Asian guys are human too! In a cultural reversal where I was at a lingual disadvantage, I learnt to respect the plight of gay Asian guys back in my own country.

    When I returned here (age 23), I did not seek out Asian guys exclusively but I no longer limited myself to my own race, nor to any race. I had white boyfriends and Asian boyfriends – now I have an Asian boyfriend.

    As to ugly/cute combinations – I have seen all sorts. Love is love, if it is true. I have seen gorgeous white people with um… people of other races who are not so gorgeous, and the other way around. In any case, beauty is subjective.

  12. I think the real issue is the lack of education amongst the men who use this application. Most edcuated men like myself don’t believe in racial exclusivity and we understand the pain that it causes people who have been subjected to unjust treatment. There is a huge difference in attitudes about race between people of different educational attainment. You can see it in almost every country.

  13. Australian, we’re clearly not in the same city. I have never seen “gorgeous white people with people of other races who are not so gorgeous”. As far as my experience goes, gorgeous white people go out with other gorgeous white people. Those who aren’t as gorgeous and can’t land gorgeous white people, then start to seek out gorgeous people of other races. Personally a gorgeous man to me is a gorgeous man regardless of race, but it is just downright disconcerting that in a city where at least 80% of gay men are white, there are so few desirable ones who are open to dating men of other races.

  14. What’s also disturbing is that you needed a trip to Asia to discover that Asians are human. Does that mean before your enlightenment, you thought Asians were less than human or non-human?

  15. Perhaps if the less-informed and less-initiated stopped buying into stereotypes, especially that of the gay Asian stereotype (you know, the one where an Asian male necessarily can’t speak proper English, isn’t well-endowed, has a slight figure and feminine mannerisms), then perhaps Asian males may just start to appeal without trying and guys like Mr Batman here won’t look like such Neanderthals.

  16. I don’t really see how not being sexually attracted to Asians is racist? Just because you’re not sexually attached to X race, doesn’t make you racist. I’m friends with Chinese, Korean, and Japanese peoples, as well as a multitude of other races, but that doesn’t mean I want to fuck them. It’s ridiculous for you to post this guy up here solely because he doesn’t want to be fucked by some Asian guy… You people are fucked.

  17. To “Phags”: just because you know nothing about this subject doesn’t make it “ridiculous”. The above profile is insensitive and nasty. It’s also not anyone’s job to educate you on why this is. How about you google “gay” “grindr” and “racism” and do some research of your own into why profiles like this one are so problematic.

  18. To “Phags”. it is racism because of all the things Mr batman could write in his profile, his priority was to put that he hates asians. The hatred is so palpable. besides, he could have easily put “prefer white guys” . That is a less racist way of saying his preference. Just try to imagine your self in the shoe of a gay asian male and perhaps your will understand that Mr batman is racist.

  19. So… people are not allowed to have sexual preference? I mean, is it just that you are upset he wont sleep with the first person, however ugly, that says “sup?”

  20. “So people are not allowed to have sexual preference?”

    Right, j….except not. Unfortunately for you, “preference” is not going to save this guy from the appart bigotry implied in his post, one which is evident in his desire to “block” asians. If it’s merely a preference, he wouldn’t mind asians being around, see?

  21. I’m in the USA an there was definitely a preponderance of rampant racism on Grindr immediately following its introduction. Asians in particular were a frequent target. I’m hoping that it is not my imagination that it seems to have subsided. The difference between a preference and racism is simple: Preference = something you like. Racism = blatant statements expressing your distaste of a particular race. Fill your profile with things you are looking for and save the rejection for after you have been contacted by someone you don’t wish to meet.

  22. He’s not a douche. He’s merely stating a preference. He doesn’t need your approval. That said, wth are Asian men doing to get themselves blocked by so many guys? As a bi black man, I’m aware of the actions of some of my less-evolved(read:ghetto) brethren, so, I understand why they’re blocked(“Sup” is not an adult greeting.) My bud’s dad lives in SF, and the stories that he tells me about how the Asian population treat others is, literally, shocking, so, actually, I do kind of understand why they’re blocked so often.

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