WTF Douche

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6 thoughts on “WTF Douche”

  1. is it safe to assume we have an undereducated eastern european looking for cock-hungry power-bottoms in this case? oh and he’s a top only?
    straight gay boy made my day otherwise.

  2. The English is atrocious. And WTF is a “StraightGay boy”? Closeted perhaps? Self-loathing? If only the douchiness was more clear!

  3. I would do him. in a bath house kind of situation where I didn’t have to listen to what he had to say. douchiness doesn’t change the fact he is hot 😉

  4. He’s basically saying white only and straight acting. He must be from Europe, sad enough people who’s first language is English post the same type of grammatical phrases.

  5. “StraightGay”?! Is that the new term for what we in American would call “Masc Musc Str8 acting”?! Gawd these people make me want to bitch slap someone up in here!


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