Wow What a Douche!

Wow what a grindr douche!

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12 thoughts on “Wow What a Douche!”

  1. Honestly, who doesn’t do this? The person behind this site is obviously a butthurt, fuggo Asian who’s mad no one talks to her.

  2. I block people I’m not interested in.
    I’d never put it on my profile.
    I’m guessing it’s a ‘fake’ pic. A bit of a loser.

  3. Dont see how this is douche as thats what everyone does whether they say it or not, its how the app was designed. sounds like this guy has a sense of humour rather than the racist or superficial nonsense that gets most people posted here

  4. Not a fucking thing wrong with anything he said. You overly emotional Queens need to put the crack pipe down and fucking deal with it. Because he does not care at all what bitter trolls like you queens think.

    There, I said it. Someone had to!

  5. Wow, look at all the outraged guilt conscience posters here. 😉

    A little righteous indignation over seeing yourself in a less positive light?

    Must feel pretty bad. 😉

  6. lol !! wy does hes name sound so familiar jaja y think ive bumped with him a few times!!! yea i think ive talked with him before

  7. To Honest at number 2. Are you one of those “NO ASIANS”? why do you say this person is asian when he clearly state he is latino? Besides, his race has nothing to do with his post. He is a blockophile, period.


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