Sally Struthers Douche

Sally Struthers Douche

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18 thoughts on “Sally Struthers Douche”

  1. what’s that picture for ? look i am a missionaire ? then do chastity ! and avoid using grindr 😀

  2. I don’t see why this guy is being showcased on here. He seems like a very genuine person and is not demeaning or rude towards anyone. I would want to talk to him.

  3. Ummm, the real douche here is whoever submitted this guy to the site. He’s a nice, goal oriented guy, who wants more than the fickleness of “the scene”. And to top it off, he was polite in his description.
    I swear, this site is getting out of control. A fair chunk of nominees on here are not even douches. Jilted dudes are submitting these profiles strictly for the sake of submitting. Truly pathetic – as are the admins who accepted this.

  4. I agree with some of the posters above, can you remove this guy? This site has to draw a line somewhere. Unlike that last asian one, you can keep that one.

  5. Give the guy a break. He might come off as a little pretentious. But he’s far more evolved than most of these bums, plus he seems like he cares. Take this profile down.

  6. While his pic choice is questionable, I would totally love to meet this guy. He seems lovely and genuine…Hey Daniel, can you hook me up? lol

    Seriously though, this was a bad call.

  7. So stating that you’re not into the gay bar scene, or smoking pot makes you a Douche? Come on guys! WTF is wrong with you

  8. “Thank god this white man came to our village so he could have his picture taken with me showing all th good he does in the world. I hope he gets a lot of likes on facebook so he feels validated.”

  9. What’s wrong with this guy? Nothing in his profile is offensive or screams douchebag. Is it because he wrote that he’s “not into the scene”? So you’re saying that every gay guy must conform to your opinion of what “gay” means, otherwise they are a douche? That’s 10000 times more offensive and douchebaggy than someone who writes “no femmes” or “no Asians” in their profile. Different people like different things, and just because they don’t want to fuck you does NOT make them a douche.

  10. is there a special MSM version of grindr for uberpeople looking for no scene str8 no azn white masc dudebros. frattr? muscrr? turdrr?


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