Hot Cross Douche

hot cross grindr douche

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14 thoughts on “Hot Cross Douche”

  1. That’s true. What’s the point in advertising that you have terrible character? It’s like advertising that you’re selling doughnuts with shit filling. Do you really expect people to think “Well, it may be filled with fresh shit, but it’s still a doughnut. One please.”?

  2. OK, I genuinely don’t understand the guys who use fake pictures. What’s their objective? It gets guys talking to them, but they’re still gonna find out that’s not you. I don’t see the point.

  3. My first encounter ith a bloke was with a hot fella.
    Get to the door and there’s a cute fella. :/
    Fake pic user… I still went there… Haha
    Now I’m older and experienced I’d tell him to fuck off.

  4. Given the fake pic, the screen name, and the actual self-awareness involved, I’m convinced that this is someone on Grindr actually mocking the douchebags. Like all satire, it’s not always recognized, but I bet this guy is being satirical.


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