13 thoughts on “Closet Cunt Douche”

  1. I was thinking same. Closeted guys are not going to be so public. This guy in the pic is veery hot of course!

  2. yes… closeted guy… probably it isnt his pic… i usually find profiles with fake pics: they are done to attract more… some use the profile to sell you a service not sexual… like: i create a photobook, or i do a yoga course, or i organize a travel for guys who like history arts and a visit to some gay locals… other profiles with fake photoes just want you to pay to join an xxx site… others are made by picky users who play miss picky princess, they want everything and only the best or retarded things and give no facepics of them… like for example: you should be age 27 and zodiacal sign taurus, also red hair, i am a passionate lover and you wont regret having me, keep your cellphone always on, when i decide to meet you, maybe at 3am of tuesday, you will have to come to my home, which is in another continent, you pay the flight, i wont accept you if you dont wear green lime with a cowboy hat, also when you meet me you have to narrate me the last harry potter book complete by memory in reverse order from last word to first, we will have sex only as a like it: spitting each other and pretending we are mathematical numbers in an equation, i wont let you stay to sleep cause i am married and got a family who is unaware of my affairs, after sex you will just leave, but not before you clean for me for free all my home and compile my tax report…

    yeah somehow i find profiles that lame… with of course fake pic and they say it !

  3. > Current substance abuser
    ??? I don’t see anything alarming (other than college partying habits he’s hinting at)

  4. Either a fake profile or really really dumb. There’s a local “married bi-curious guy” who doesn’t show his face but his arm sports a very distinctive tattoo. Smart LOL

  5. Disappointed: loving your insane comment. I am a red haired Taurus who owns a cowboy hat and lives on another continent to you!

  6. He’s not a douche. He’s smart enough to want only his own kind. He’s aright about you being superficial, and your comments further validate his point. Pathetic.:)


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