Charlie the Grindr Douche

Charlie the Grindr Douche

Grindr Douche

16 thoughts on “Charlie the Grindr Douche”

  1. Why is he “exclusive” and looking for a relationship? Well, I guess from his lack of grammar, he doesn’t seem to know what words mean.

  2. lol yet more superficial grindr’ers…it’s adorable when they try to act all cool and stuff…I wanna give this little baby a kiss on the cheeks. =) =)

    And his block button won’t stop me. lol

  3. Interesting, he doesn’t want ugly guys yet he himself is not what I’d call good-looking. Hypocritical much?

  4. His tounge sticking out of his mouth is real ugly. He could pass as an entrant in one of those “worlds ugliest dogs” contests!

  5. “He updated his profile to now sawy he doesn’t do white boys. ”

    Clever save, since he knew he got caught on douchebagsofgrindr and that we were talking about him on the website. *roll eyes*

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