Butch Hat Douche

butch hat grindr douche

11 thoughts on “Butch Hat Douche”

  1. “he’s close” and I’m not sure it’s not an implied threat.

    save yourselves, hot impaired masc guys, tomorrow may start in the back of his truck and no manlady will come to your rescue

  2. It is offensive. First off he’s looking for “friends”. Does he only want to hang out with “masculine” people? A non-douchy person has friends of all sorts.

  3. The “<— He's close" is an arrow pointing to the guy that would be on his left, indicating he's closer to the person viewing. And he's a douche for wearing a stupid hat cocked to the side like that at age 28 and for being exclusionary as to what sort of men he'll associate with. He's a femme-o-phobe; hence what he's been tagged as.

  4. Well, I have a cast on my wrist from a super-masculine sports injury, so I guess I don’t qualify. Oh darn my bad luck!

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