Run of the Mill Douche

run of the mill grindr douche

17 thoughts on “Run of the Mill Douche”

  1. His cuteness is due to his extreme youth only. I give him five to ten years to look like a troll… my heart sinks just by the thought of how frustrated this one is going to be.

  2. This dude has the bone structure of a prune. Enjoy being called “cute” now, bitch, ’cause you’re gonna look like a potato sack in four years.

  3. Well he should fit right in with the other gay men who are a 5 but think they are a 10. In what world do gay men think this over cocky attitude is attractve?

  4. @ Beaker
    > In what world do gay men think this over cocky attitude is attractve?

    they just don’t know anything better I guess?

  5. I would like to make fun of this kid. However he looks like he has Down Syndrome and it’s wrong to make fun of the developmentally disabled.

  6. How is he at Tracks when he’s 19? I’ve never been, but I’m sure that’s a gay club that serves alcohol. It’s full of drag queens, including the world famous Nina Flowers, so of course there’s alcohol. lol

  7. I’m pretty sure he’s just saying he wants a better start to a convo than just “you’re cute”. So not that douchey.

  8. Agree with G at 12. Frankly, most of you commenting in this thread come across as vastly douchier than the kid in the picture.

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