Samurai Douche

Samurai Douche

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11 thoughts on “Samurai Douche”

  1. Again another American . Does no Asian mean no Chinese? Or Korean, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Indonesian, Filipino ? They all lOok different you know !

  2. “I”m going to pull up my shirt so that I can compensate for my lack of personality and my massive douchiness”.

  3. I agree with him. Asians are awful looking when naked. Who wants a little boy body like Asians have? Only a pedophile.

    You go dude, rock on.

  4. What’s the point of announcing “NO ASIAN” yet selecting “Friends” as to what you’re looking for? People actually choose their friends based on race? 30 and still narrow-minded. How sad.

  5. this is crazy, because i’ve always thought i was attractive to all races until today when i heard about this controversy with whites not liking asians. news to me. all my boyfriends have been white. o.o

  6. I am so happy that I don’t use Grindr! It just seems like a magnet for losers who think they’re all that.


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