9 thoughts on “Power Douche”

  1. lbr it’s hardly possible to look that shitty at 21, and chubs generally look younger in comparison

    (and he is one ugly fucker especially if age thing is true)

  2. He’s not bad looking at all, it’s that toxic personality and rather borderline psychotic misplaced delusion of grandeur that’s truly pitiful. Wielding “power” on grindr, I’m sure makes him feel he’s someone pretty special, note the capitalised “Me”. Also what happens after 26? Hell, maybe in five years time he’ll grow up and realise that power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely but if you think you have power on grindr you truly are a class A sad bastard and pitiful douchebag.

  3. His face is not that attractive to begin with, but then what he writes in his profile makes him even uglier. He comes off obnoxious and conceited and who can stand being around someone who is that full of themselves. Oh wait he’s probably his best company and therefore spends most of his time alone. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be on grinder to begin with.


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