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no offense grindr douche

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  1. That’s not racism. I am black and I don’t take offence. It’s his sexual preference. I respect that.

  2. Really Tom? So prefer white guys wouldn’t have been a more sensitive way to put it? Just because you seemingly are not offended by all leaks of douchiness doesn’t mean a younger guy out there won’t be. And FYI, when people say no offended they are usually about to be offensive!!

  3. I agree with Timbo – everyone’s got their own sexual preferences, and that;s fine, but there are ways and ways to put it.

  4. Tom. I don’t care what color your skin is, but you seem to be a no-standards whatsoever pressed queer judging by this and your other posts around.
    please grow up. grow some balls.

  5. Great, the Kanye West approach: “Yo, I’m gonna let you finish. But blacks, please block me.”

  6. Tom, what if the rest of us have a sexual preference against douchebags?

    I’m personally repulsed by the thought of talking to Republicans, bisexual guys, guys who grew up with unmarried or divorced parents and anyone from Texas. What – are you saying that sounds prejudiced? OMG how can you say that, it’s just a PREFERENCE, I can’t control how I think!!!

  7. I support Tom and the so-called douche bag.
    It seems to be alot of the same people commenting on these douche bag profiles. ‘People’ who are obviously feeling left out because they were turned away or not replied to on Grindr. Some kind of revenge cult of loners from Grindr.
    Because people have preferences does not mean they’re racist. Hell, I must be sexist if I tell girls not to bother cause I’m gay.
    Matt, Grindr is a sex orientated app. Who really opens it up to have a chat? Seriously!
    Grindr is a sex orientated app, Matt

  8. In a democratic society there is freedom of speech which entails the freedom to offend, or would you rather live in a society where you risk punishment for expressing your views? It is a huge different between statements like ‘I am not attracted to Blacks’ and ‘Blacks are scum’. Thanks to the guys on here for their support.

  9. Hey “preference supporter” … I’m white and im offended by sexual racism. Speak for yourself when you say everyone is motivated by sour grapes. That might be how you operate in the world but some of us think critically. I’ve turned down many hot guys who were in to me but I couldn’t stand their racism.

  10. I’m astounded. Probably the whitest guy on here ( Scottish Scandinavian family) and I think this comment is rude. But I do think people are tuned on by the. Arrogance. Like you,Tom.

  11. The inventors of Grindr should probably just start marketing separate apps for men who prefer particular races. Not to fragment the community (which I doubt could be fragmented further). But so that men who prefer men of a particular race for their sexual escapades could find them more easily and stop alienating those who are not what they are looking for. Growler did that for Bears with their app. Why not for apps for Latinos, Asians, Blacks, and White men and their admirers?

  12. @Tom congrats on your free speech. Free speech is reciprocal. Douchebags have the right to post racist statements on their profiles and we all have the right to say they’re douchebags. Nobody’s “free speech” is in question.

    Speaking of totalitarian governments, hmm… Do they normally censor racism or do they normally censor activists and minority groups? That’s right, they normally censor minorities and activists who support them. So I’m glad we live in our society, indeed. People who use racism on grindr are douchebags.

  13. IM FAMOUS!!!! HAHAHA! You wanna know why I asked all the blacks to block me? Its because they wont leave me the fuck alone! They seem to be the biggest group of people on grinder that I am not attracted to that keep sending me messages after 20 times of not responding. Also, they seem to like sending photos of their dicks after hello. I dont think I should have to pretend to like their attitude or their nasty smell!! P.S. to all the white guys out there that dont like black guys either IT WORKS!!

  14. > It seems to be alot of the same people commenting on these douche bag profiles. ‘People’ who are obviously feeling left out because they were turned away or not replied to on Grindr.

    jsyk I don’t even have grindr, never bothered with online dating (I met my current partner online through common interests community tho) and don’t feel left out because I’m taken for years and don’t cheat on my partner.
    tldr you’re an assumptive dickhead. ((like all of us here, olololol))

  15. Everyone who cant see the difference between ‘I am not attracted to Blacks’ and ‘Blacks are scum’ (the majority on here) needs to get an education.

  16. These douches are catching on too fast! Looks like someone blabbed! Person in the profile you ain’t anything special mate

  17. Honestly, I think this website is pathetic. It’s a site were people complain about people… I mean really?? Personally I have better things to do and this will be my last post. I think if you guys were to focus more on your own lives and less about how others live theirs then you might be more successful. You should also know that you will NEVER change others by making nasty comments… You are only perpetuating peevish behaviour and instigating the individual to continue their beliefs.

  18. I’m a green eyed blind scot! Tom the logical conclusion would be separate grindrs for different coloured folks. The black one would of course be cheaply run and poorly maintained. No offence though. Oh wait, that’s been tried before. Grindr apartheid anyone? Pitp I don’t really like whiny queens so not likely we’ve met! I don’t see what the big Colour fuss is all about. Assume ‘ the blavks’ come in all shapes, sizes,types and shades? Maybe you should live somewhere where there are hardly any black people then mate

  19. Hee hee blond not blind. Actually I’ve never shagged a black guy am I missing out? Never had opportunity! I am married to a wonderful Latino husband now, very happy and don’t use grindr itself! I’d be less inclined to worry about blacks and more inclined to worry about sexual health and the fact I don’t want to be robbed if I was netting guys in internet!

  20. It’s interesting how the people saying “it’s not racism because it’s just a preference” end up coming here and saying things that really are unarguably and unequivocally racist about three comments in. TOLD YA.

  21. I am black and I do defend him (the guy in question). He has the right to express his views. I am not offended. After all it’s all about ‘intos’ Noone has the right to tell him whom to fuck or how to express himself. His cock doesn’t get hard on blacks….simple. Why should I as a black male feel offended by that? No way. Live and let live.

  22. Tom, honestly, why are you defending a guy who said ‘I dont think I should have to pretend to like their attitude or their nasty smell’. It’s not as simple as ‘it doesn’t get his cock hard,’ and it’s sad that you can’t see that. Honestly if you’re not offended by a guy who called black people rude and smelly, you need to think about why that is. He’s a racist asshole and it is odd and sad that you would go to bat for him. He wouldn’t do the same for you.

  23. Guys, put things into perspective. It is about getting laid, hence it is about one’s cock. NOTHING ELSE. He is not saying Blacks are scum and they deserve to die. He just doesn’t fancy blacks. So fucking what? If in this wanting-cock-context you still get offended by the articulation of one’s preference,then, you need to toughen up. Rejection hurts, so what? Get over it. Its not a job interview.

  24. PS. All he says is that he doesn’t want to be contacted by black guys. You can’t construct a racial hatred out of that, really.

    Too far fetched. I don’t want to be contacted by women which is self-explanatory given THE CONTEXT. Do I hate women? No way!

    We all have an email spam filter, a private contact number, etc, etc.

    PS. A change of language won’t change the way you think after all. Rejection will remain rejection, no matter how nicely you put it in words.

  25. Tom dear, it’s not all about you! The guy posts a nasty comment about ‘ the blacks’ smelling bad and being too stupid to not take a hint. If you are black you much have a weird inferiority complex. Support more deserving individuals!

  26. What I support is freedom of individuality. After all we all are different. We discriminate on a daily basis, all of us. Who are you all to dictate what people can say and what not?

    Language derives its power from the CONTEXT in which it is being used. CONTEXT here is COCK not Nazi Germany.

    My ginger best mate laughs about the note on my profile ‘no redheads’ because I find red pubes repulsive. Has he ever called me a racist? No, because he knows me in the CONTEXT of being best mates.

  27. You know Tom if you think it’s ok On ANY context to say that no blacks welcome and they also smell bad and are a bit stupid then you just do that. When those comments are directed at you or a friend you may change your mind. I assume you live in the USA? Seems that’s where colour is the biggest issue.

  28. Get your facts right. All he says is that he doesnt want to be contacted by Blacks. His reasons are not your concern. You cant call him a racist based on that unless you focus on reading what you want to read. Stop reading between the lines. Mind your own business.

  29. He may not be a racist, but his ACTIONS are racist. Why are you defending racist actions? Do you loathe yourself that much?

  30. Tom, are you not realizing that “The person in the photo” is actually the person in the photo? He has left comments on this page. And he does in fact say that black people are ‘smelly’ and rude. If you don’t think that attitude exists outside of his Grindr persona I think you are delusional.

  31. Rubbish.

    His assessment is based on his experience. Although shame that he has made this experience, it is after all his experience. Doesn’t qualify as racist.

    I on the other hand can’t stand perfume..not attracted to ‘smelly’ guys. Am I a homophobe?

  32. I don’t think we should put down people for having made certain experiences.

    We all make decisions based on our experiences. We were not born with a set of filters.

    A holocaust survivor will always hate Germans but we usually wouldn’t dare call Jews racists.

  33. Stop reding between the lines? Tom you try and make some sort of a point every time you message but it’s just sadder and sadder. Yes, the guy seems very happy to not talk to black people and that they smell bad and are stupid. You don’t seem the brightest bulb in the box either. Please don’t hang around with people like that as its not good! And of course people are going to assume the guy is racist with a comment like that! If the guy is surrounded by ‘ the bllsvjs’ I suggest he moves to an area where there are less of them if it’s such an issue! I didn’t see a black guy until I was 10 yrs old so I do find them fascinating I suppose .

  34. @ Timbo

    I have to make a point because none of you bunch of haters fails to.

    You and your friends love to put everyone down who’s different.

    Who has appointed you to establish what’s right or wrong? Mind your own fucking business and let people fancy whoever they want and to express it the way they want. What is it to you? What do you fucking care?

    Wake up, only because we are gay doesn’t mean we should think the same, be the same and be attracted to the same guys.


    Good point about one’s experiences.

  35. Seriously Tom, I think you might need some help! It’s like me hanging around people that hate Brits or hate gays and looking for acknowledgement… Judging by your language in the last post I can see you have only managed to persuade Larry !

  36. And Tom I see you gave finally revealed yourself as the vile , rude queen that you are. Nice language! Mind you, I suppose it matches where you come from . NO OFFENSE though

  37. wow… the things we allow ourselves to get wrapped up in.. but i wanted to weigh in.. Tom obviously is a black dude who puts white guys on a pedestal hence the reason he sympathizes sooo much and will de-value himself .. obvious IDIOT.. but really now this dude isnt cute so why give him energy… and even if he was cute.. who cares about his profile… let him fuck every other racist dude on grindr.. good riddance is what i say… NEXT!!!

  38. Maybw one day I’ll find you attractive.. So there’s hope for you yet Tom ! Talk about a compliment that’s really an insult. Hilarious !

  39. “Maybe one day Ill find you attractive”

    Wow did that dude actually say that? I didn’t even find him attractive in that serial killer shot of his, but now. Wow what a douchebag!

  40. Just my 2 cents… 1) The definition of race, unlike gender, is subjective and usually superficial. That’s why your sexuality can’t be determined objectively by race as it is with sex. 2) I firmly believe in freedom of speech, but certain things shouldn’t be said even if you think them. It’s about decency and courtesy not censorship. Just because it’s Grindr doesn’t mean you have to be a douche or in turn accept douche behavior. 3) Prejudging an entire race or demographic as unattractive to you is unfair, hateful and just plain ignorant. You can’t say you’re “not into Asians” unless you’ve met every single Asian on the planet. If you choose not to be in sexual relationships with certain types of people then that’s your business. But, don’t put certain guys on blast and then sidestep the issue by saying it’s just a harmless preference that’s out of your control. You CHOOSE to discriminate, so own it.

  41. I wish a Black homeless drag queen named Marsha P.Johnson who threw the 1st brick at the cops in 1969 at Stonewall could block you. So you could go to jail on a morals charge. White trash. and we DARE to wonder why the Black community hates us..

  42. Timbo,
    some Americans need to be avoided ((& blocked in case of gridmericans)).
    forcing them to live in a mixed race environment is probably gonna make shit crazier to a certain degree for all parties involved.
    and lbr, daily life interactions =/= personal life.

    I’m not defending this dude, he’s a jerk, but his approach works, so yeah. block & move on

  43. Haaaaaaaaa he’s a total douche! I submitted this and I’m not upset about it. He messaged me and I just opened the message and read it then went to his profile and realized he said no blacks although I’m black! FUCK OFF!

  44. “Maybe one day Ill find you attractive”

    Nah Im not the guy in the photo. I just posted that for fun.

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