Choosey Douche

A choosey Grindr douche.

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19 thoughts on “Choosey Douche”

  1. LOL a typical prawn. Hot body, bad face. He’s so plain with no distinguishing features at all. What a boring face to wake up next to every day. Not to mention that shitty personality. To make up for his lack of natural good looks or a soul, he spends all day in the gym trying to make himself somewhat attractive. Guys he ‘chooses’ probably fuck him from the.back, then split and never call back.

  2. Nithing wrong with getting chosen! But if an odd comment. I think the icy aloofness is a real turn on for many guys. Not me.

  3. @Jpeg
    Calling this hot guy names indicates that you are drowning in envy. Typical reaction of a pathetic queen.

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  4. I don’t find douchiness attractive. Maybe you do, but that’s not my concern. I don’t feel envy, I feel pity.

  5. @ Larry
    >> Calling out people on namecalling
    >>> calling someone a pathetic queen.

    Larryshia, your comments are gorgeous like ever, love you so much
    now stop posting here and/or go kill yourself please

  6. @BB

    ‘Calling out people on namecalling’, that’s justified to protect the ones who can’t defend themselves.

    If you were in this guy’s league, hot and wanted, you and your friends on here would not put people down.

    Now that’s the definition of projecting self-hatred on others.

  7. > thats justified to protect the ones who cant defend themselves.
    that’s truly noble indeed
    > If you were in this guys league, hot and wanted
    does being actually *taken* make me belong to hot and/or wanted?
    I don’t think I play in this dudes league, I’m too femmy for insecure pressed shorties (FFS 5,1. dating middleschoolers never was that much fun.)
    > Now thats the definition of projecting self-hatred on others.
    you are that black guy Tom from another thread on this site, right?
    your definitions of “arrogant attitude” and “projecting self-hatred” are both highly off. seek help.

  8. @Paul He’s being full of himself.
    @Larry I guess if this was an issue, he would have stopped by now. The community must support it.

  9. I have to be honest with you all but forget about whether or not this guy is hot or not he’s profile is a bit strange for someone like me who lives in New York. Here we see hot guys all the time. If someone bragged about how hot he is it would just seem strange to most of us because they’re thousands here like him. Thus I conclude that perhaps this guy lives in a small town where there just aren’t that many gay men and compared to what he’s surrounded by he’s considered God’s gift to gay men (even if in NY he wouldn’t get noticed) . What do you think of my theory?

  10. Just an observation, many who cut off the picture just above the forehead are likely bald. Nothing against bald guys, but he likely has image issues to frame the photo cutting off his possible absence of hair


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