National Geographic Douche

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13 thoughts on “National Geographic Douche”

  1. I know this user. He is very nice and this is reasonable. Just because he doesn’t want you it doesn’t mean he’s a douche…

  2. I feel sorry for Jsckson and hope that you can find better friends. But maybe you like racist, ignorant douchebags, in which case you’re set for life.

  3. apparently it’s ok for gay people to be rude and insulting towards other gays (should I say *fags*?) for no apparent reason, since they’re superior and shit rainbows (and aren’t cinnamon fried rice chocolate bars, more like vanilla white chocolat stuffed with shit)

    at the same time, since we are supposed to be tolerant towards each other in Ghey Community and behave accordingly, biting them back and posting mean comments is a privilege of fat bitter queens only.

    (but that’s the impression I often get from comments here, not gays I swim around irl, though.)

  4. “I know this user. He is very nice and this is reasonable. Just because he doesn’t want you it doesn’t mean he’s a douche…”

    the thinking that it’s okay to be a douche in australia. they don’t know douche even if it squirts in their arses.

  5. This guy is local to me on Grindr and yes, he’s a total douche. He really has nothing going for him – ratty hair, fake tan, a face like a busted crab with an attitude to match.

    @Raf, I’m from Australia and I have a great douche-radar. And for some reason it seems to go off when I read your comment? Slightly racist, don’t you think?

  6. I’m with Joe, @raf Mate, I think its fair to say this site shows us that the presence of douche is irrespective of country. The dude is 21, probably chased after by every drunk in a seedy gay bar and builds his misplaced ego from that.

    Think of it this way, he’ll be 30 no more baby face and have the personality of a frog and therefore be chasing the people he’s calling ugly today lol…

    But, in the meantime, lets just continue slagging people for being tossers on Grindr lol. I love this site hahaha

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