17 thoughts on “No Pansy Douche”

  1. Grossly offensive. Grossly abusive, homophobic language. And a gross failure of his capacity for self-scrutiny and socially responsible commentary.

    My face flushed when I read his language. I’m embarrassed to be a homosexual when I read it.

  2. Why is this picture so pixellated? Because it’s not his.

    Grindr demands an iphone – no iphone would take such a bad picture. That’s a 2003 camera phone pic at best.

  3. Well said Hasu. This type of guy turns my stomach but sadly there are a lot of gay guys out there who would be turned on by that fake tough talk.
    The whole obsession with “straight acting” is disturbing. By placing a straight man on a pedestal you automatically put yourself down.

  4. Been with this “douche” he is a cool guy and hot ass with big cock. It’s Grindr, we want sex. He is from NJ and we hooked up a few times.

  5. He needs to lock himself back in the closet and stay there because self-hating gays are not attractive at all, and the irony of it all is that he’s probably a bottom anyways.


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