44 thoughts on “Exactly a Douche”

  1. This guy is not attractive at all and if 98% of guys on grindr is ugly then the jackass should delete his profile. What a turn off, retarded jackass and looks as if he belong in a dumpster.

  2. Douchebag? Yes. Average looking/unattractive? Hell no. You guys are either delusional or have asymptotically high standards. If he’s ugly, then you guys (or the men you frequent) must be statuesque supermodel types.

    It’s ok to admit that douchebags can be attractive. And don’t give me that “Beauty is entirely subjective” BS. This guy exhibits ample facial symmetry and musculature, attributes we’re programmed to desire.

  3. He doesn’t mention anything about hating Asians so the angry, bitter queens who frequently post here have not a fucking thing to bitch about. Now STFU

  4. Wow! Way to win over the crowd! How sad to be as pretty as this boy, yet be seething with so much self-hatred that you have to lash out at strangers. Time for some self-esteem, Pretty Boy. PS: My dog won’t do you!

  5. Um, clearly none of you commenting open up grindr to find quite a lot (albehit he exaggereted) of messages, often times from people you’ve already ignored or said no thanks too. Calling 98% of the population “ugly dogs” way uncalled for but at the same time getting tons of messages from people who would never say, do, act the way they do in these messages, in person can be frustrating to say the least. Its a “hookup” app for christ sakes. He’s just keepin’ it real. If he wouldn’t look twice at you in a bar or club don’t think you have the *right* to get with him just because its an app.

  6. Black Saab: I totally disagree with you. Beauty definately is in the eye of the beholder. My mom thinks Bob Dylan is one of the most beatiful men who have ever graced the planet. I don’t like him at all. I find Hillary Rodham Clinton to be very attractive; my brother thinks she’s hideous. What one person likes is not necessary universal. I don’t find this guy to be particularly appealing.

  7. @black saab:

    what “were programmed to desire”? I see, so every member of the human race will find him attractive.

    Whether or not, ‘objectively’ (and you seem to be implying there is a pure, objective statndard to beauty), he is hot, visually, is no reason or cause for you to post pejoratively to those posters who do not find him hot. I believe the term you used was ‘delusional’.

    However, your comments about the guy we’re commenting on and his narcissism are better. His manner and language are offensive and damaging to self-esteem. That is self-evident in how we feel when we read his words. His manner disrupts herd cohesion – and since your suggesting we should look at this from an evolutionary point of view, adapt that term to your repertoir.

  8. Why would a handsome young man object to people messaging him, particularly if they are paying compliments? Not every chat obliges one to hook up. Just take the compliment, be polite and move on.

  9. The douche defenders crack me up! I’ve been with worse and better looking guys. Not saying he looks beat, but he is not a model by any means. I get guys messaging me all the time that I am not attracted to. I am just more specific in describing what I want, in a polite way. Everyone is online for the same reason, whether it is to have sex, gain a relationship, or find a friend. So you might as well atleast be polite.

  10. I agree @justin. One day in the future this boy is going to turn his Grindr on and get “like 1 message” and miss the days he got more – because beauty turns on you eventually. As long as someone hasn’t sent you a pic of their open asshole, take the complement with grace.

  11. I don’t use Grindr, period. I don’t want to become associated with people who like to post disparaging remarks about other people who haven’t wronged them in any way. Besides I think if I posted topless pics of myself on a website that could be seen by millions my parents would take it as code for, “I want to walk the streets at night.” LOL

  12. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but not completely. That’s why I said “entirely subjective” instead of just subjective. I’m not arguing that everyone MUST find this guy attractive. Just that the first few posters’ assessments like “not good looking at all” are plain silly, and ignore systematic characteristics of attraction found in gay men (see studies below).



    I have met hot guys. When some of them turned out to be dicks, they looked really ugly to me. But I can still objectively say they’re good looking.

  13. Black Saab is correct. Demographic studies have proven that attraction is based on symmetry. Some scientists theorize that it’s because a lack of sickness during formative years causes your face to grow at an even rate since they theorize that sickness would stunt growth. This is indicative of good health and potential future good health attracts ppl, strictly on an instinctive level.

  14. Another douche attention pig stating how much attention he gets (a total lie…1000? Douche) then due to low self esteem, puts men down.

    Be covert in your words, douche. Be a man. Men don’t fag out and feel a need to put men down. Men show confidence. Calm down, and be a man.

  15. Then how do explain why many people find people with very asymmetric features to be very beautiful? (Hello, Bob Dylan? LOL) It’s not a black and white issue. Taste is a matter of individual genetics, not something which is generalized.

  16. My point was, IN GENERAL, gay men are attracted to facial symmetry. Of course individual preferences may vary. I agree taste is somewhat (not completely) based on individual genetics.

  17. 1,000 messages??? Such lies! This guy is so full of shit that he probably tells men that his 2″ penis (courtesy from long term steroid use) is actually 12″

  18. From reading the abstacts, the studies don’t seem to take into account individual experience and genetics, which from my own life I have noticed are far more important in determining attraction than generalised observations in human beings.

    For example, in Oceania, obesity is considered an ideal because of food scarcity on remote islands. But being attracted to obesity is far from a generalised human trait. It has to do with the genetics and history of their culture.

  19. My 10-year-old nephew thinks chocolate ice cream is disgusting. He actually spits it out. He doesn’t care that chocolate is a delicacy in America. It doesn’t matter if billions of people like chocolate. His own genetics tell him otherwise.

  20. @ Black Saab:

    I’d reply by saying I don’t think ANY of the men showcased on this website are attractive at all. I like men who present themselves very conservatively and the men on here look like they want to walk the streets at night. No thanks.

  21. “the studies dont seem to take into account individual experience and genetics, which from my own life I have noticed are far more important in determining attraction than generalised observations in human beings.”

    From your own life? No. Scientific studies trump personal anecdotes. To say generalized (i.e., scientific studies) observations of human beings are not important is silly.

    “My 10-year-old nephew thinks chocolate ice cream is disgusting.”

    This is just another restatement of your “Well, I know people who don’t follow the scientific generalization. Therefore, the generalization is wrong.” So, we’ve got Bob Dylan lovers, chub chasers, and chocolate haters (not that there’s any evidence that people are genetically dispositioned to like chocolate). Want to add a fourth?

  22. Some of these arguments c-r-a-c-k me up.

    Any sitcom writers or stand up comics should look at these arguments for their next material.

    But I like the witty or sarcastic exchanges though and not the downright bitchy ones – cuz c’mon anyone can be mean and nasty – but being witty – that takes skills yo.

    Carry on men…

  23. Do these studies account for genetic similarities between the subjects? If not, perhaps that is why they have similar tastes. As I previously stated, different cultures value different things. Read about the culture and history of Oceania and you will see they have a vastly different different view of beauty than Americans do.

  24. From the second study: “A preliminary analysis showed that ethnicity … did not have any effect on the dependent measures, so these variables are not discussed further.”

    If ethnicity didn’t affect the results, it’s pretty safe to say that genetics (and you are looking at genetics through a culture/ethnicity-specific lens) didn’t affect them.

    I suppose the researchers could’ve hidden ethnicity’s effect on the results for whatever devious reason. Doubtful though.

    “Read about the culture and history of Oceania and you will see they have a vastly different different view of beauty than Americans do.”

    No. It’s not my job to provide evidence for you claims. Even so, it is entirely possible that those “remote islands” you speak of can deviate from the generalization. You seem to be confused on what a generalization means. I’m not up for this running-in-circles thing you’ve got going.

  25. The douchiest part of it all is that it’s a stolen pic… this guy lives in the US… don’t know wtf Telstra is but it’s not a US carrier…

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