22 thoughts on “Wog Douche”

  1. I would be happy to Wog him up the ass if these two conditions are met:
    1: He shows his front in the pic 2: Some queen defines “WOG”

  2. FYI “Wog” is an Australian term for somebody of Middle-Eastern or Mediterranean descent. I believe it stands for “Worthy Oriental Gentleman” but worthy this guy ain’t. Used inappropriately it is akin to using the N word.

  3. yup – hate speech. The language brings shame on any fair-minded, socially inclusive person.

    There is a failure of insight apparent in the hate speech, where the language says more about the person writing the profile than the minority groups it targets

  4. Omg people are ignorant.

    “WOG” was originally a term used n England to describe people with dark skin. It is stll considered highly offensive there. In Australia it is a term used to describe Arabs and souther Europeans. Sometimes it’s used offensively and other times descriptively, which means some people take offence and other people don’t care.

    It has nothing to do with Asians and it certainly doesn’t mean “fuck”. Where did you guys come up with this crap.

    1. It's inilbtaeve. Opinion polls continue to trend in one direction. Legalizing marijuana is supposed to be over 50% now. California came close a couple years ago, Colorado will try this year. Rhode Island just voted to reduce penalties. As time passes and the generations shift – and as governments look for ways to cut law enforcement costs and increase tax revenues – it's inevitable.

    2. wow dude relax, and second, the funny think about the clip is “now the 80′s” thing, you are just i little kid laughing anytime the Fake Audience is laughing at, i have a brother who does it too, not fake laugh just you feel like you have to laugh or else you are retard. well its the opposite

  5. @BJC – chill bro, don’t let them get to ya. It ain’t worth it. I’ve stopped getting annoyed when I realized that these guys simply don’t know any better – they’re a product of their upbringing and society…

    Getting angry at them is like getting angry at a 2 year old.

    I mean sure you can get angry at the fact that they choose to stay ignorant despite people trying to raise awareness or educate them – but at the end of the day, we can’t really make them learn anything they don’t wanna learn – so, do what you can – educate and create awareness and then move on.

    You can get snarky once in a while just to show their inherent stupidity in their beliefs but it’s not worth it to get worked up over ignorant assholes.

    Anyway…take it easy bro and check your email.

  6. @ BJC and Azul

    In a way, I hope that BJC’s bile triggers a debate here amongst the posters – particularly from the douche-bags.

    I find anger strengthening, sometimes for reminding me of what I am. It’s an energy for excising rotton-ness and for lancing pussy wounds. Burning and sizzling douche-y things.

    A new Stephen King book : Douche-y Things – those creatures of the devolved homosexual community sent amongst us from the Nine Layers of Hell where there’s really bad sex because all the Douche-y folk are too busy looking for something they haven’t got, so they stand in single spots with 2 metre social dead zones around them saying….douche-y things 😉

  7. omg all you people saying this is homophobia cause he don’t like fairies need to shut the fuck up. its just someones preference, some people will only go for fairies does that make them phobic of straight acting guys no the only people who right about homophobia on these are people who are jealous that they can not have the guy. CUNTS.

  8. So is this a site for sore Asians who are upset that people have attractions just like each and every other human male does? They like what they like, get over it. I see plenty of Asians on Grindr saying they want white only, but oddly they are left off of this site. And let’s be honest who really wants an asian dude with a dick that looks like a christmas peanut, shriveled up, uncut and little who spends his entire day returning purchases and driving around in a Prius, parking by braille and fucking up his L’s and R’s. Nothing more unsexy than hearing… Orr yeah big boooyeei, ruck mi ass horr.. Can I discount? My fliend say he got discount.

  9. This person above me(Beef) has serious issues. Why would you defend and reiterate such racism against Asians? And for no good reason. But youre right about them wanting white only when many of them think of Asians as you have. Its not even partially funny.


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