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29 thoughts on “Fat Hate Douche”

  1. I hate you bEcAuSe yOu Are some LeTtEr-sIzE cRoSsInG, Argyle-Cardigan-wearing, hairline-receding gayface common whore

  2. Alright thank you for the men who actually recognized it as a gay quote. As far as the rest, seriously? You men are probably all fat and old and have nothing better to do with your time! And I have seen this dude without his shirt on, and he is sexy.

  3. OmG I know this guy, it’s sad how we discriminate against gay people, being gay people ourselves, sometimes I hate being gay, for so many reasons…and this is one of them, I don’t consider myself ugly or not attractive, but there’s always this little doubt about our physique in all of us. I’m skinny and some people say I’m too skinny, but I like how I am, and that’s all that matters. People will always try to bring You down and knock off your self-esteem, but in the end you have something that noone will ever take away from you, you have your OWN self, while the others will be always looking for someone who feed their egocentric tendencies.

  4. (the sweater is too retro-trendy for him to be a “Log Cabin Republican” and they’d never have a turqoise phone – it’d be chrome or black)

  5. Nice hairline and Cosby sweater, douche.

    I’m guessing you don’t weight train and have zero definition.

    You’re just projecting your own body image issues onto others who have it a little worse.

    Fat douche. Go weight train and gain more self esteem. Man up.

  6. Thats more funny then mean. Its a mean girls ref and EVERY gay man should know this.. if not go watch it and laugh a lil.. GOD!!


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