Xtreme Agism Douche

extremely agist grindr douche

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19 thoughts on “Xtreme Agism Douche”

  1. To be fair, he’s 20–barely out of his teenage years. It’s not some kind of gross bigotry to want to fuck someone roughly in the same age range as you. I’d be weirded out if men a decade+ were creeping on me, too (though I suppose that’s why I’m not on grindr.

  2. Hilarious. I can’t believe no one else picked this up, but can I ask this Douche : What exactly is an OLD MEM ??????? hahahahahaha

  3. It’s understandable for people to want to talk to and meet up with people in their age ranges. As a 25 year old I generally do not confer with people under 21 and those over about 35 or so just because there’s so little common ground for us to talk about. I’m not trying to relive the college years nor am I trying to grow up faster than I am. There is a nicer way to put this in a profile, though, which is why this guy is douchey.

  4. To DM I agree with you 100%. I think that’s the main problem with the guys who are ageist, racist, and homophobic. We understand the concept of sexual preferences. Its just that these guys express their preferences in such a vulgar nasty ignorant way that it causes offence. They are true douchebags

  5. I just don’t get these guys with the grommets in the earlobes. Is that supposed to be an attractive look?

    It’s not what he said that makes him a douche, it’s how he says it.

  6. Those who pointed out that it’s the way it is put that is the problem. And as someone who is in his 40’s I have guys in their 20’s hitting on me so if you are on this site you open yourself up to get hit on by everyone. Use age filters just say “looking to meet guys 18-23” or what ever. Don’t insult people just because they think you are hot (which in this guys case not) and he looks 30. Can’t wait to see these guys with these big ear holes in 20-30 years. Ps. It will be here before u can blink

  7. I am the exact opposite from this kid.
    I am 25 and would NEVER consider anyone who is not at least my age (preferably 5 to 10 years older).

  8. I just think it’s funny how these guys that draw these age lines of who they think is “too old”, act like they will never surpass that age at some point. I suppose they just keep moving the line.

  9. if you’re 25 stop it! don’t get any older!!! Or kill yourself or disappear… So funny how I’d never look twice at someone that young but to each it’s own, no need to be a douche though

  10. So this guy’s a douche for wanting to stay in his Own age bracket?

    Sorry that not all of us in our early 20’s want to hook up with someone who’s in their 40’s… It’s a little disgusting. Men that old hitting on people between 18-24 don’t seem normal… They seem like pedophiles who are skirting the upper edges of their ages of interest for the sake of legality.

    If I’m young, vivacious, soft, tender, and touchable, why would I want a wrinkly old dick anywhere near me???

    FYI, the age filter option only shows YOU people in your range. It doesn’t block the elderly from seeing you.

    And let’s be real. Whoever posted this photo is clearly between 35 and 60. Why are you even looking at someone that young? Stop being a creep!! Young guys only like older men when A.) They want your money, or B.) Have a fetish (Meaning, UNCOMMON and abnormal) sexual attraction to older men.

    Stop creeping old guys.

    Nobody appreciates at a pedophile.

  11. I guess It’s the same after all that some bitch sluts attract to their douchbag assholes boyfriends who are rude to waiters at restaurants.

  12. Nice acne scars, douche.

    T-shirt pics = fat guys. Find a weight room, get some definition, and stop putting down men because when you look in the mirror you see fat.

  13. He’s not a douche. The guy’s right(as is Brian). Why should he sleep with the elderly, just so you can fulfill your dream of banging your dorm mate? You guys are as creepy as you are pathetic.


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