Soldier of Douche

a soldier of grindr douche

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23 thoughts on “Soldier of Douche”

  1. The age thing is cool after all he’s 19.
    And so what if he’s not into femmy guys.

    He’s a douche because he looks like one, not by what he has written.

  2. No, Skippy, he’s definitely a douche based on what little is going on between his ears. Why are you do accepting of qualities that are simply unacceptable?

  3. He is looking pretty hard up for a 19 year old. If you told me he was 35, I’d believe it

    Not too bad looking but if you yelled in one of his ears you’d hear an echo out of the other

  4. I automatically disqualify anyone who flashes that stupid hand sign when they are photographed. What is it supposed to mean anyway?

  5. “God, you people here are awful. Just absolutely awful 100% worse than the worst Grindr douchebag.”

    You’re probably butthurt because you showed up on the site, or you know you will at some point.

    Hell, I don’t use Grindr and I find this shit hilarious.

  6. Let’s see, comments judging him on his height, his looks, the hand gesture he’s doing, how he doesn’t look his age. Those are things he’s born with, or representative of his personality. Calling him a douchebag for not wanting anyone over thirty (clear generation gap between 19 and 30), and looking for another soldier (someone he can directly relate to – you lot are clearly jumping to conclusions [however likely they may be] that it’s to do with masculinity). This website is disgusting, and it’s members and commentators sink to the apparent levels of douchebaggery it looks to persecute. Nice job guys.

  7. “Hopefully he will get posted to Iraq real soon” – Harry Kissinger

    What an ass hole! He’s 19, and regardless of age why would you wish that any one deploys. That is fucked up and for that comment I dub you “Most Hated on DBOG.”

  8. This isnt that douchey of a profile. He looks like he could be a douche because of the pose and the weird face. And speaking of that weird face, it’s obviously contorted in the pic. How the hell can you all say he looks older when you don’t even have a good pic to go on? And act like a man? Okay it’s a little offensive but hey, I look for masculinity too. It’s just what he’s attracted to and honestly, I would rather someone put out on their profile what they’re looking for so I don’t waste my time. If someone said they wanted an older, Latino top with tattoos, I Wouldnt bother and could focus on another guy I could like

  9. So, this guy’s a “douche” because he refuses to hook up with you?
    Are you guys that PATHETIC? Shouldn’t you be used to rejection by now?
    He’s not a “douche”.
    You “guys” are just bitter.
    Your responses are precisely why he needed to write “act like a MAN” in his profile.


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