15 thoughts on “Pointless Douche”

  1. Cole’s all right. He used to do porn, yeah…anyway, people throw themselves at him all the time so I guess he can afford to be a little cunty. That said, he did put a smile face and he does have a darker sense of humor. Probably not meant as it appears.

  2. You all are just jealous. Cole is one of the HOTTEST porn stars. If you haven’t seen any of his stuff you don’t know. And frankly, those that CAN, CAN, those that CAN’T, Judge! I seriously doubt if any of you can do what he does or do it as well.

  3. Then this fuck-head Cole Ryan needs to get rid of his profile.
    There’s a reason to have a Grindr profile. It’s to hook up and fuck your brains out.
    If you’re not here for it, then FUCK OFF!!!

  4. I’m sorry but this guy looks like he was born with some kind of birth defect. Look at his fetal alcohol syndrome eyes and forehead. Seriously.

  5. There is nothing wrong w/ him, he’s a really nice guy and you all should be ashamed of yourselves for slamming him the way you are!!

  6. Why be on a social network site with something as douchebag-ie as “don’t bother I don’t respond to profiles like yours”. This just screams “Hi I’m Cole and I’m actually really insecure!” 😛

  7. Wow! These comments scream “insecure”! Cole is actually a sweatheart! A nice guy all around! Who are all of you to judge someone you don’t even know simply by his photo! Grow up and try not to be so unhappy with yourselves!


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