No Douche

this grinder douche sure doesn't like much

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29 thoughts on “No Douche”

  1. He’s not attractive enough to be that picky. I agree with him, I don’t cross the species barrier in search of sex either, but the difference is that I can get hot white guys. Doubt he can. He’ll have to settle for blacks / latins / asians and other second-tier sex choices.

  2. Who the fuck made white gay guys the gold standard? I find you guys quite plain, to be quite honest. Second tier choices? Bitch,please!!!

  3. You hurt my feelings. Now I’ll probably cry myself to sleep tonight because some troll doesn’t like my opinion of random Grindr profiles. NOT lol

  4. Have you guys never seen a message board before? Parker’s just trolling–saying outrageous things in order to get reactions out of people. The more you react to him, the more he trolls.

  5. Maybe Danny should just jack off naked in front of a full length mirror for the rest of his life. I think he would find fulfillment in doing that.

  6. Parker did you just say species. WoW lol, what ever I bet your on the computer wacking off to interracial porn all day. Your not hot stuff boo especially with that attitude. So get your head out your ass shit by any other name smells just as foul I n your case parker.

  7. Folks, Parker is not white. He only wishes he was, and he takes great pleasure in “mind screwing” dudes on this board.

  8. what’s sad is that I am sure on some level he thinks he’s making himself more attractive – seems to me some variant on self-loathing though. You know, ‘treat em mean….” and all that.

    More of a ‘prized commodity’ for seeming selective/fussy?

    No –

    It’s just hate speech, prejudice and more shame on all of us while he betrays our community and gives people who hate homosexuals somethig to hate us more about.

  9. Thank you Francis for stating the facts because the racist white pricksare pissy me off..Im no racist and have black friends, italian friends, imdians from bagladet, and chinese & asian friends as I do live in New York City..I think some of those racist guys are mad because they have pencil dicks and would be totally imbarressed compared with a black

  10. Find it bizarre that so many comments refer to how the ‘douche’ in question looks. Isn’t the point that they have a bad attitude?

  11. Yes, Ed, you’re right, IMO. People on grindr are looking for a one night stand with someone that corresponds to their sexual preferences.
    In real life, you can fall in love with a top while being a top, which might not be really comfortable, but when looking for a fuck, it’s much easier to end up with a bottom.
    Besides, I’m kind of surprised, I used to think that asian guys were a huge fantasy among gay guys.

  12. Obvious sloot. You can tell from the aged face.

    Rhinoplasty, botox around the mouth and forehead are needed.

    Parents need to love their children more. I think this is why these douches keep showing up in all their flawed glory. It’s sad.

  13. Ok so I gotta love the “species” remark by “Parker”. Where are these fruitcakes from because that shit isn’t ok with anyone in the US
    At least not gays. Yes u can only be in to white guys and u say it like that. Not “no (list every race but white)”. Makes u sound like such a tampon

  14. he looks like lady elaine from mr. roger’s neighborhood.

    second-tier sex choices? lol. that was too funny.

  15. There needs to be a tutorial for writing a Grindr profile. I’m personally turned off by men with laundry lists of do’s and don’ts, what they want and don’t want. When a guy comes out of the gate with a bunch of gripes (racism in particular!), time to move on! This guy is why they included the Block button! Racism should never be allowed on Grindr and needs to be addressed by their administrators more stringently.

  16. So white right? I wonder how he gets white picket fence paint from the hardware store? Must be there all day.

  17. Nah, he’s too hot to be into “men of colour”. If he plays with his own his own race I think he will be perfectly happy.


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