Lube Douche

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32 thoughts on “Lube Douche”

  1. What an incredible loss for all of us single men. What oh what will we do without this gem in the dating pool? By “gem” I mean “self absorbed douchebag”.

  2. “most of you are awkward and in desperate need of social lubrication”. Says the man drinking a beer while posing on a gay hookup site

  3. @the truth

    the public shaming of douche-esque profiles is an important part of our social development as a group. That what shame is for when it is used right.

    If someone is going to be foolishly arrogant by posting embarrassing, egoistic material, we all have a role in stopping it.

    Who wants to be part of a community where douchebags have any social influence, simply because they think ‘beauty’ is a tool to be disparraging towards others.

  4. @ post . 14 i think the people who created this website are fat ugly fucks who are jealous over the fact that people are prettier and won’t respond to them. Grindr may be a dating website but 99% of the people use it to hook up. What’s wrong with this guy if he says something like that it’s the truth. It’s so annoying having nasty fat old people message you over and over and over again trying to talk to you. Obviously when you don’t respond the first time you’re not interested. When you’re attractive you have to post something like that in your headline otherwise everyone and their mom will blow you up. I can say I’m honestly tired of people using this website just to post guys that don’t respond to them. I used a freaking song quote on my status and didn’t respond to someone that wasn’t worth my time, and i got put on here? it’s so pathetic that posters are so jealous and have nothing better to do with their time then post pictures of grindr profiles it’s just plain stupidity. And as far as “beauty” comes into play in a community, Beauty is everything beauty is power, how many celebrities do you see are ugly. And I’m sure too. if any one of you that posts this shit about people, if they were to ask you to hook up your legs would go up quicker in the air than anything else. You say you have a reason to post douchebags on this website well we have a reason to post douchy profile text. Looking through this website I’ve found not one unattractive person, so i’ve just came to realize that this is just free publicity for being pretty.

  5. LOL at 19. Seriously? You’re using a free app that everyone has access to. People are gonna msg you lol, deal with it or leave it. Free publicity for being pretty? Too easy lol just too easy 🙂

  6. Douchebag, DOUCHEbag, DOUCHEBAG, he obviously needs social lubrication so he can stuff his head up his ass. Say it again, DOUCHEBAG!

  7. Here in Stockholm there is aloooot of douchis guys. You can not belive. Gay swedish that ignore people that is dark hair and look from other country. Amazing how they looking for black cock in the charts and in real life they behave like “i do not know you”.

  8. @ RJ,

    This site doesn’t stem from jealousy of hot guys or the bitterness of rejection. It stems from a much needed exposure of deeply offensive racist, ageist and otherwise discriminatory attitudes.

    If you and guys like you, reserve the right to express offensive attitudes, then others have the right to criticize and ridicule what you say.


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