Asian Filter Douche

asian filter douche of grindr

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28 thoughts on “Asian Filter Douche”

  1. I’m sure sex with him is VERY boring. based from experience, guys who look like that, and have an attitude like that, don’t fuck well.

  2. Oh, I know this guy — I actually chatted with him for a bit and he seemed nice until he found out I wasn’t white.

    I’ve also come across his comments on Squirt and he bitches of the low quality dudes at the bathhouses he goes to in Prahran. He also thinks guys who object to racial preferences are pathetic…

    He kinda caused a heated debate over the issue and when a lot of people commented it was racist – he disappeared. But it seems his views hasn’t changed. At all.

    Bona fide douchebag huh?

  3. Hey dudes…I was bored, so I looked up this guy’s Squirt profile – so here it is:

    Those without a Squirt account might not get to view it so, I’ll cut and paste what he says on his profile yeah?


    Cock Size:Above average
    Height:5′ 10” (178cm)
    Weight:200lbs (91kg)
    Body Type:Stocky
    Body Hair:Average
    Safer Sex:Usually

    Hot + Curious Rugby Union Boy
    Stocky, muscular built rugby boy. Big legs / shoulders / chest.

    Very, very masculine.

    Straight/curious and new to living in Melbourne. Really want some fun outdoors. Prefer Fawkener Park.

    Sexually, I am ONLY INTO GUYS UNDER 30. No exceptions sorry not even for Brad Pitt.

    Its personal choice, not ageism. Please respect it as I do your choices.


    I guess he’s not exactly being truthful about his age? Btw, I don’t usually do this kinda stuff but I was bored and this dude sucks. So whatever…

  4. haha… it is true that many asian dudes only show pics of their torsos. it’s their hottest asset. plus they know that many guys will lose interest if they show anything else because of the stereotype of small asian dicks.

    practically everyone complaining about racism, etc. on here also has their own set of standards…. they would not date someone they were not attracted to but get offended when someone is not attracted to them. haha

  5. @Munchies: What, only fems can bottom? There’s no relationship between masculinity and whether one tops or bottoms. Even some (masculine) straight guys like being fingered by their girlfriends. I used to think like you though, when I was 12.

  6. jd, yes, everyone has their preferences. The difference is, people who post what they *don’t* like in their profiles are douchebags. The rest of us post what we *do* like. and if we don’t fancy someone, we simply say, “Thank you for the offer, but I’m not sure it would work out.” Or we ignore it, if so inclined.

    That’s why the “no Asians” thing is douchey. So it the “no fats, fems, old, etc.,etc.” Being nice about it takes no extra energy.

    And the worst thing is, every time this comes up in discussion, someone has to explain this over and over again. It’s not rocket science.

  7. I don’t really understand, what does that mean? When he says he’s an expert at picking Asian torso pics from afar?

  8. I agree with you bear. It’s getting really boring having to explain to total retards why no Asians no olds no femmes no fats is actually unacceptable

  9. now now bear. calling people retards sounds like something a douchebag would do… and i’m sure you’re not a douchebag, right? lol

    or better yet a hypocrite who preaches being nice to a guy’s face whilst all the while thinking “ew gross he’s fat old and ugly”.

  10. Another racist aussie, what else is new ?? I am really liking how this is playing to my subconscious mind. I hate AussieBum, Koala Bear, and Kangaroos now !! ( about to give up on Hugh Jackman 🙁 )

  11. BAHAHAHAHA… he wouldnt stop talking to me. I’m asian… he loves asians. It’s so weird. He goes asian gay clubbing too. WTF

    I have his number… does anyone want it?

  12. The whole stereotype of “small Asian dicks” is total bullshit. Trust me. The Asian guys I was with years back were all … how shall we say…. properly proportioned.

  13. Expert at picking torso pics from afar…

    Before I read y’alls comments, I wasn’t too sure if this was supposed to be a good thing or a bad. Bu now, I seem to have a hint…

  14. He’s not a douche. He wants another bi, masculine man! Good for him!It’s about time we bi men hooked up with each other-exclusively-and left gay dudes alone to bitch and moan, like they always do after they’re rejected.

    As for his “torso” reference, from what I gather, when white men block Asian men from contacting them, Asian men respond by, either, contacting them from another account, or upon initial contact, post only images of their torsos, so as to leave the viewer unaware with what race their chatting. Horrible tactic.
    Now, I understand why so many Asian men get blocked on hook-up apps. They’re causing their own misery.


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