Young Bitch

Ok see the thing is... most nice guys also want a nice guy.

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11 thoughts on “Young Bitch”

  1. And what is old? 25? 30? Seriously dude, I’ve fucked people old enough to be my father and young enough to be my son.

    It’s all in the chemistry.

  2. ‘No pedos?’ He’s 21, not 12. Yes, another example of ‘eighteen & ugly’ always thinking young = attractive. Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

  3. He’s no douche. He’s right. Why should he desire some bitter, old queen who didn’t take care of himself? He doesn’t want you. Get over yourselves, already.

  4. LOL ive been with this guy ! Smallest dick in the world and im not even joking! Like SMALL! Hard probably around 5 cms. Beggers can not be chosers , tom! Creepy bastard aswell he was !


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