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  1. Parker is right on once again. Thumbs up!!! What he neglected to mention was that both he and I are also guilty of pulling this “stunt” with each of our three Grindr apps after being repeatedly rejected by Asians.

  2. He’s a fucking dreamboat. And Parker’s right, it is usually Asians that come at u from different accounts. Usually without their race listed and no clear face pic.

  3. nothing wrong with his face at all, but his chest is just weird, his nipple is too far to the outside. oh, and i have never had Asians come at me with multiple accounts, though they are certainly welcome to 🙂

  4. Bahahaahhahaaaa! I know this fool. And yes he does go to Yale. And yes he is fucking sexy and yes he is a douche. I’m also a douche. In fact, are there any yalies who aren’t douches? Probably not. Kw if you read this you have to make out with me again.

    P.s., I’m Asian and yes I have multiple grindr accounts and I LOVE EM

  5. Here I come with my community service announcement for today:

    Have you guys ever heard of racial microaggressions?

    Some info here:

    From Psychology Today.com:
    Microaggressions in Everyday Life: A new view on racism, sexism, and heterosexism.?by Derald Wing Sue, Ph.D., and David Rivera, M.S.


    If anyone is too lazy to click on the link, lemme post the most salient part of the article:

    Classifying Microaggressions

    In my book, Racial Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation (John Wiley & Sons, 2010), I summarize research conducted at Teachers College, Columbia University which led us to propose a classification of racial microaggressions. Three types of current racial transgressions were described:

    • Microassaults: Conscious and intentional discriminatory actions: using racial epithets, displaying White supremacist symbols – swastikas, or preventing one’s son or daughter from dating outside of their race.

    • Microinsults: Verbal, nonverbal, and environmental communications that subtly convey rudeness and insensitivity that demean a person’s racial heritage or identity. An example is an employee who asks a co-worker of color how he/she got his/her job, implying he/she may have landed it through an affirmative action or quota system.

    • Microinvalidations: Communications that subtly exclude negate or nullify the thoughts, feelings or experiential reality of a person of color. For instance, White people often ask Latinos where they were born, conveying the message that they are perpetual foreigners in their own land.

    Our research suggests that microinsults and microinvalidiations are potentially more harmful because of their invisibility, which puts people of color in a psychological bind: While people of color may feel insulted, they are often uncertain why, and perpetrators are unaware that anything has happened and are not aware they have been offensive. For people of color, they are caught in a Catch-22. If they question the perpetrator, as in the case of the flight attendant, denials are likely to follow. Indeed, they may be labeled “oversensitive” or even “paranoid.” If they choose not to confront perpetrators, the turmoil stews and percolates in the psyche of the person taking a huge emotional toll. In other words, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

    Note that the denials by perpetrators are usually not conscious attempts to deceive; they honestly believe they have done no wrong. Microaggressions hold their power because they are invisible, and therefore they don’t allow Whites to see that their actions and attitudes may be discriminatory. Therein lays the dilemma. The person of color is left to question what actually happened. The result is confusion, anger and an overall draining of energy.

  6. Anyone interested in knowing more can Google search racial microaggressions and also look up this particular journal article (most relevant because it documents online racial microaggressions like the one you see on this website towards Asians and Blacks):

    Documenting Weblog Expressions of Racial Microaggressions That Target American Indians

    by D. Anthony Clark, Lisa B. Spanierman, Tamilia D. Reed, Jason R. Soble, and Sharon Cabana

    Published in the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education (March 2011) Vol 4(1) pp. 39-50.

    he authors obtained and analyzed data from 10 weblogs (989 pages of raw data), in which online forum contributors expressed varying views on the discontinuation of a university’s racialized mascot (i.e., Chief Illiniwek). First, the authors used a modified consensual qualitative research approach (C. E. Hill, Thompson, & Williams, 1997) to identify common themes among the data. Next, they used the Sue, Capodilupo, et al. (2007) racial microaggressions model to situate the themes from the current investigation within a relevant, parsimonious theoretical framework. The data fit well within the 3 broad categories of racial microaggressions identified previously in the literature (i.e., microinsults, microassaults, and microinvalidations). Extending the previous racial microaggressions model, 7 themes emerged from the data that comprised microaggressions targeting American Indians: (a) advocating sociopolitical dominance, (b) alleging oversensitivity, (c) waging stereotype attacks, (d) denying racism, (e) employing the logics of elimination and replacement, (f) expressing adoration, and (g) conveying grief. Some themes are consistent with previous microaggressions research, whereas others are specific to the current investigation. Implications for future research and campus interventions are discussed.

  7. Thx Azul for coming on with the same c&p that doesnt pertain to this. You demonstrate better than any white person could describe the relentlessness of some Asian people that this guy is trying to avoid.

  8. It’s just such a lame way to build yourself up. “I block them, but they won’t go away. God, I am SOOOOO desirable. Don’t you think? Guys? Guys?”

  9. Andy, dude, buddy, seriously – quit. following. me. around.

    I know you I get your dick hard and leaking like crazy and shit and you’ve been feverishly fantasizing of having hot hate sex with me. But it ain’t gonna happen, bro. No way, no how.

    And no matter how bad you want it to happen I just don’t hook up with assholes especially ignorant and twisted assholes like you, sorry.

    No offense but it’s a matter of preference ya know…

  10. that wardrobe malfunction is SO OFFENSIVE . it microinvalidates my white non-ASIAN FIRSTnamre that my culturaly cringeworthy china parents gave me. but now im proud. HUH? WHAT? UGH. RIGHT. sis. stay in school, cuz its the best. so relevbant. date me!. *sigh*

  11. Don’t be a douche in comments, people. You can’t criticise people on Grindr for being douches if you come across like one in your comment. Talk about hypocrisy.

  12. He dips chaw in the left side of his mouth. The jaw bone has deteriorated greatly in that spot.

    The worst is when you can’t figure out which eye to stare into.

  13. Seriously why why is everyone validating that parker guy? He makes one anti-Asian comment and sits back and watches everyone freak out. Just ignore the little tampon and he’ll go away…


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