Umm… yeah

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38 thoughts on “Umm… yeah”

      1. well standards is different thing, but u would think that attitude belongs to 20s gay guys. Old gay guys who act like they are 20s are gross.

        1. This guy is a douche because of his arrogance, not because of his age. When you call someone who is 40 an “old gay guy”, you are being a douche yourself, Tripes. Apparently you think you will not age?

          1. 40 is not considered old? shit.

            40 is old. Thats a fact. The douchey part is how he presents himself as if he is 19.

            Many gay guys esp the old ones with douchey attitude suffer Dorian Gray Syndrome.

  1. To Tripes: it’s simple really, he might be 40 but he has spent his whole life being a shallow self obsessed douche. So he hasnt developed like abnormal human being and as a result only has the maturity of a guy in his early 20s. Hence the attitude. There’s an army of assholes out there just like this tosser

  2. Jude every time you post you prove how big a
    Fucktard u are. This ones been posted because the guy is UP HIMSELF not because hey may/may not have any standards. It’s his ARROGANCE that’s on display here. Did you even go to school? Are you 5 years old? Seriously, enquiring minds want to know!!!

    1. Wow, so agressive Yuck. Why do you have to personally attack people? Is that what you do when others have a differing opinion to you?

      1. When rednecks like you pass off your ignorance as an “opinion” then yes, I attack. You deserve it. I’d do it to your face if I could.

  3. Yep. He does not need to say more. Less truly is more in this case. In fact, please don’t say anything or do anything. Just stay still so I can shoot my load all over your face. Then I’ll kick the fuck out of you. Yeah. That’s right, don’t say anything. I get it. You would totally ruin the moment if you even attempted to speak, fuckface.

  4. Yeah he is good-looking and has a hot body. But attitude is not about having “standards” it’s about being a douche-canoe. If he wasn’t a barking jackass he would have a man you took care of his needs and he wouldn’t be trolling for cock on Grinder. (Not that there is anything wrong with trolling for cock) And if he were any kind of a nice guy he’d be getting more cock than he knew what to do with.

  5. Age is how you feel. Tripes I like most of what you say here but I disagree 40 is old. I’m 30 but I don’t think 40 is “old”. An age is an age, it means very little

    1. He may look good for a 40 year old, but he’s stuck in midlife crisis mode. I bet he has another picture with himself driving a convertible with the roof down.

  6. Jude the douchebags on this site are rarely the the guys in the screenshots. They’re mostly in the comments or whoever is writing the commentary.

  7. Yes, you do need to say more. Let’s start with why you are wearing the Top Gun sunglasses. 30 years ago you bought them because of your repressed crush on Tom Cruise, and now they are back in style. Your attitude however, never was.

  8. have yo agree with Adam, are you guys linely or what. get a life if someones not interested you can not force them. some of you poir judgemental cases will grow old alone and this guy is hot.

    Go to the gym and stop being assholes maybe just maybe you can have a life as well.

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