17 thoughts on “Tina-ravaged Douche”

  1. I hope he updates his picture in 2 months so everyone can what he looks like when he is yellow, covered with scabs/burns and missing half of his teeth. Also, looking for “dating and relationships”? What a train wreck.

  2. I bet his age is accurate. Tina can age you very rapidly. A shame. I bet he would have aged far more gracefully without the monkey on his back

  3. He looks likes he should be working the concession stand at a Bingo tournament. And then after work he can go home to his trailer in Orlando filled with cats, empty gin bottles, and put on a tattered bathrobe that says Sassy on the back.

  4. Aw, c’mon you guys, don’t be so hard on him. When I was in my full drug addiction, I wanted a relationship, too: with another drug addict, preferably a drug dealer. They made the best companions!

    (As humiliating as this posting must be for him, I do hope he sees it and rethinks his choices. Everyone deserves to get well again.)


  5. Looks like he should know more then anyone where that shit is…… HEY CURLY, THE TINA IS PROBABLY WHERE YOU LEFT YOUR TEETH.

  6. Why the hate? He didn’t even reject you, and you’re acting like a bunch of Tinkerbell pit bulls. Wow!

    That said, he really should give up drugs and get a gym membership and a therapist. I wish him the best.


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