Straight Douche into Asian Men on the Grindr

OK so he’s straight but he’s into Asian men on Grindr? What is he implying?

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13 thoughts on “Straight Douche into Asian Men on the Grindr”

  1. yeah right. I can get the str8 guy who got picked up after being drunk but I REALLY don’t get the str8 guy who opens an account on GrindR and start giving racist comments. Whatever !

  2. Looking for straight asian men on grindr? LOL! That’s like looking for vagina in a gay orgy. Not a douche, kinda hot. I’d hit it! 😛

  3. I’ve gotten into lots of Asian men – literally.

    Well, a certain part of me can get straight, but I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about.

    I could be wrong, though.

  4. I think Offshore has it right. Though I’ve been with Asian guys who were awesome cock suckers 🙂

    As for this guy… I get a weirdness vibe off of him. Like those Asian “friends” are never heard from again.

  5. Anyone asking for a very specific race is weird to me, but then again…

    As for the “straight” comment, I honestly think it’s a joke. And if it’s not, well.


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