Shallow Douche

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22 thoughts on “Shallow Douche”

  1. Eh, but he’s still a teenager. I don’t expect much better than this from an 18 year old. Not a lot of 18 year olds want to be with 30 year olds. At least he’s not racist.

  2. He’s shallow, and so am I. So lets start: Big ass nose covering 1/3 of his face. Eyebrows so sculpted they’d make Naomi proud. And colored contacts that look like cataracts. Oh, and also short short SHORT. Who’s he foolin’. The minute an attractive 30-something WHITE guy messages him, he’ll be all over it.

  3. Hmmm. Crowded teeth,wide nasal aperture, and pointy hair. Why it’s one of those miniature naked Trolls for the 1970’s! How adorable!


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