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16 thoughts on “Really Stupid Douche”

  1. I submitted this one. I have no idea what an “ano” is nor do I know what “u mirin” means. But I can tell you that this is a fairly common type o profile in melbourne where a guy claims to be some nasty top, whilst simultaneously attacking “fags” (or in this case “4ags”) and looking for “discreet” hook ups (ie he’s in the closet). The level of education is minimal, but youcan be assured the daily level of aggressive homophobia this person would display in his life would be maximum. FUCKEN YUCK

  2. Am from Australia – ‘U Mirin’ is slang for ‘You admiring?’, i.e. ‘how good do I look?’. The term mirin is becoming more popular among the gym set. Not sure what an ano is.

  3. Oh good Lord can’t this illiterate Douche simply overdose and do us all a favor. The world would be a much better place without insipid douches like him

  4. Being from America, I had to look up what a WOG was. It’s fairly obvious that this guy is of low intelligence, poor self-esteem, and suffers from a general lack of self-awareness that blinds him to his own shortcomings. SAD!

  5. C*** is hardly a lovely word to bat around. I know this guy doesn’t deserve a lot of respect or anything but that is a very very nasty misogynistic word. 🙁


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