Miami Megadouche

miami mega douche of grindr

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19 thoughts on “Miami Megadouche”

  1. You know, it might actually be Levy. He is from Argentina, and his profile looks like it was typed by someone for whom english is not their first language.

    Also, many mexican TV types have vacation homes in Miami.

  2. get it right! the actor is from Cuba, not Argentina… kthx….


  3. If the photo is real, then he def has a right to be arrogant. Of course, I’m talking about potential fuck buddies. As for a date, I prefer someone a little more humble.

  4. The picture is definitely William Levy, but to Gayskeptic, I have to say that this is definitely a fake profile. William Levy is too famous and definitely not stupid enough to use a real picture of himself with his face included publicly on grindr, since he’s supposedly straight. Believing it “might actually be him” is like believing a profile with a picture of Brad Pitt is actually Brad Pitt.

  5. Weird under eye circle dents. And what’s wrong with his chin? I’d get the huge growth beneath the chin skin checked out, bro.

  6. Head is oddly disproportionate to body. Like Australopithecus. In reverse. Only waxed and with less developed linguistic ability.


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