Large in Charge!

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23 thoughts on “Large in Charge!”

  1. He needs 8+ inches in his fat, loose, ass to pump more air into his fat head. His mouth is open because he wanted to eat the Koala. -_-

  2. So it’s ok to criticize the douchebags who say “no fats”, but it’s ALSO ok to insult people figured in here for being fat?

    (ps: thanks for switching back to this theme!)

  3. GI Joe. What people are criticizing is the man’s hypocrisy. He wants big dicked whites, but he is an overweight Asian. He gets much hate in other people’s profiles, but he turns around and hates others

  4. even guys who are HOT!

    still can’t get hot white guys with 8 inch dicks,

    and This guys thinks he will get that, ya right.

    1. Tomtom I am a 300# white guy and I’ve had PLENTY of 8 inch dicks in me. Not bragging, but your comment was offensive. There are many guys out there who find chubs attractive. It is ok that you do not, but please do not insinuate chubs are not hot simply because you do not find us that way. It takes all kinds to make the world go around!

  5. Todd: I also picked up on the self loathing of this guy, but I don’t think the commenters were commenting on his hypocrisy.

    He didn’t say “I hate fatsoes”, did he? So he’s a douche in and of itself, him being fat has nothing to do with it.

    1. Yeah, I was calling him a fatass douche. So what? The Staypuft Rice Lady’s got her picture posted with her puffy mouth open looking like Buddha’s gay sister and begging for 8 inches when the last 8 inches she saw was probably a Quiznos sub.

      Stop apologizing for these douchebags’ poor behavior.

  6. @the Real AJ Fat people are allowed to have sex too!
    He’s a douche for limiting himself to big-dicked white guys but that has nothing to do with weight.

    Big dicks are attached to all kind of bodies.
    And despite this douche’s delusions white does not equal hot.

  7. @Charles- with you 200%. no one has the right really to be cunty, even if the otherone was county first.

  8. On behalf of Asians everywhere, we are sorry for this one. We would like for you to return this defective product a full refund.

  9. Typical Asian gay guy, I have to deal with them in a daily basis. I get more white dick than must of them do and I feel more attracted to latinos and blacks guys more than caucasians


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