Hung Like a Douche

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12 thoughts on “Hung Like a Douche”

  1. He looks older than I, and I’m almost old enough to be his father. I hope his dick is that good because in 5 years that is all he will have going for him

  2. Ha! This guy’s from the Beverly Hills/WeHo area. He hit on me once. His pic back then had his face pic up; no sunglasses. He’s def. the epitome of a one-night stand you don’t really want to admit.

  3. If having standards-that you fail to meet-makes him a douche,…wait. It doesn’t. He just knows that he’s out of your league. You know it, too.:)
    No douche here.

  4. A star is a luminous gas, held together by its on gravity. So what your telling me is that either the universe rotates around you or your a black hole called Douche? I am confident your a black hole, so stay the hell out of my galaxy.


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