Genetics Douche

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20 thoughts on “Genetics Douche”

    1. 90210 = Wealthiest zip code of Beverly Hills = bragging about how rich he is. Fuck that. I know plenty of wealthy people and most of them don’t fucking flaunt it like a fucking asshole douche would.

      “Hate the gym, love genetics” = “I don’t have to work out because I am that fucking perfect.”

      Not exactly someone I want to say hello to. There are better looking guys who are far less pretentious.

  1. Looks like those genetics he so loves will rob him of his hair. Look how much his hairline has gone back, and he’s only 32?

  2. You don’t need to brag living in 90210! Lives can be so suck and miserable there too!
    The hair, the eyeglasses and his attitude out in grindr is defo a big sign of bitchy queen.

  3. You have to be extremely simple-minded to actually think you sound cool, bragging about being in Beverly Hills. People with money don’t run around flailing signs that say “I’m wealthy” in red letters; but someone who doesn’t have money would do it in a moment’s notice if they thought it’d make them look cool.

    Even so, people that have as much money as this guy pretends he does are usually just as unhappy and have just as many problems as the dirt poor.

  4. “Oh look, it’s me in a convertible!”

    How much do you bet it’s not his?

    Plus, I have no idea why he thought wearing a purple linen shirt with a TIE and a waistcoat was a good idea.

    Genetics, maybe. Sense of taste? No.

    Next please.

  5. Pass the peroxide and the meth girls! Paris Hilton is here!

    There are parts of 90210 that aren’t that fabulous. I’d lay odds she lives in a single apartment in the lower part of BH, spends all her money on circuit drugs, her car, and her hair. Probably a dud in the sack too. Vapid, empty, stereotypical bitchy queen.

  6. Needs laser skin resurfacing, botox in the forehead and neck, and filler around the mouth. Also, probably a hair transplant.


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