15 thoughts on “Funny, He Doesn’t LOOK Retarded”

  1. Maybe the word retard shouldn’t have been used but in my experience with all the arseholes on Grindr I kinda agree with him

  2. 1. The pic is HEAVILY photoshopped.
    2. The pic is probably not his anyway.
    3. He stole that line, it’s not the first time I see someone with this “witticism”.

  3. Hahahahah! Thats Me! & It actually Is my photo. Its not photoshopped but thank you for saying that it was. & I stole the saying from a previous person cause I wanted to be put on this site lol. Love it

  4. You need to stop waxing your eyebrows into oblivion. You look like a drag queen on his day off.

    And what’s up with the oversized beer bottle cap tattoo?

  5. He’s not a douche. He’s right.
    Your comments have necessitated the need for a “bitchy, rejected fem-bot to English” dictionary, too.:)


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