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14 thoughts on “Ew Ew Ew ew EW ew ew”

  1. Wants a man, but too cheap to get his back waxed and too cowardly to show his face. BTW, how are those marriage vows working for you? Last I checked, you’re not dead yet

  2. “Already have a wife – looking for a real man” That could be misconstrued as “My wife is a tranny”.

    As for judging him on playing around on his wife/tranny…I can’t. For all we know, she’s cool with it. That isn’t uncommon these days.

    1. Probably afraid others will see it even if wifey approves. I didn’t say he wasn’t a coward. Closet cases suck.

      BTW, it was suggested that this is his back we’re looking at. *vomits* It’s honestly hard to tell. Zexy, isn’t it?

  3. If his wire was REALLY okay with it, he wouldn’t have any issues about showing his face!

    Anyone that hides their face, is hiding more then just their face … just that simple.

  4. Wow! I can’t muster anything but pity for poor Guillaume. Trapped in a loveless marriage. His bratty kids probably get teased everyday cause their dad is a “fag”. And all he wants is a real man to fuck his inexperienced ass. Call me Guillaume. Daddy will make it all better.


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