Aryan Douche

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20 thoughts on “Aryan Douche”

  1. Another self loathing white trash. He could always go ask his preacher man to touch his pure little white dick in Christian ways.

  2. Not gay? Then why are you on Grindr? Furthermore if you’re not gay then why “White & Christian Only”? -_-

    He looks like those religious nuts that distributes “I see the light” pamphlets. Attempting to lure gays to get brainwashed into being a lint-licker.

  3. He looks a before picture on an ad for Proactiv. How can someone attractive take him seriously anyway? Ugly inside= ugly outside & HONEY this is exhibit A .

  4. This guy’s profile has too many red flags! The next time I see his picture will be in the news, in the story about a religious nut going crazy and killing people.


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