Another Little Racist Cunt

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13 thoughts on “Another Little Racist Cunt”

  1. Oh, believe me darlin’, I WILL NOT message you without a face picture. Ever.

    (And geez, 5’10 and 135 lbs.? What concentration camp is he in?)

  2. LOL I was thinking the same thing, ManLick. I’m 5’6″ and just under 150, and I’m not overweight.

    In addition to the attitude, the boy needs to eat a sandwich, or stop dancing with the Tina.

  3. Ok, really. Someone needs to explain to me how being attracted to a certain kind of guy is flat-out “racist”. You faggots are so defensive. Fuck, gay culture has terms like “rice queen”, etc., that blatantly demonstrate personal preferences based on things like ethnicity. So really girls, stop calling dudes racist because they won’t fuck you.

    1. Its not about being attracted to a certain type of guy. When you openly put it out there then it becomes a different animal. Its basically saying,”You may think you’re attractive but because you have black/brown skin I most definitely do not.” And skin color has nothing to do with a person’s intelligence or personality or talents…in the bed or otherwise. Why limit yourself?

  4. I have found from my Grindr experience to just pass up guys with a certain look, cause all of the racist ones all seems to look alike.

  5. How is stating a preference “racist”? Oh geesz, build a bridge and get over it. Some of you need to deal with rejection allot better.

    Let this poor kid go.

  6. @”Truth be told” (Decemeber 17th)

    Awwww, well of course we should let this “poor kid” free from the stigma of racism. Oh, and next, “we” (as in the commenters or this entry poster?) should deal with “rejection” better….

    I say, your logic is rather pathetic, and I’m currently wonder how to further interpret and apply your misplaced single-sided sympathy.

    1. I’d say your logic is worse. So since I’m gay I must be sexist? After all I am not having sex with women so I must have a problem with them. Guess what, its called a preference. The term white guys only isn’t racist. Sure there are some racists out there but 9 times out of 10 its pure preference. Just cause you wanna order the Pu-Pu platter doesn’t mean I have to feel guilty for having a ham sandwich.

  7. Oh, fuck off!
    I am attracted to the Anglo look.
    I don’t even get turned on by the colour of an Asians dudes nipples. Actually is about as equal to a vagina.
    And black guys are cool til I see a black/brown cock. Does nothing for me. I have slept with Asian, Indian, brown, blaaaaaaack, Spanish and some Eskimo looking fella.
    Point is, I have tried it, and it’s non sexual.
    I’m not racist. I’m hateful. And the guys I did share a night with was because they had awesome personalities.
    And as far as white guys, I’m repulsed by the guys with the really red/purple knobs. The ones that look sore.
    Attraction can be very narrow.
    They guys not a cunt, he just said it in a cunty way.
    And people need to get over it.

  8. This guy’s not a douche. He’s not a racist. In fact, he did exactly as you constantly claim that you people to do, by stating what he DOES want, and now, you’re complaining about that, too?!! So what if you “don’t like how he said it”? He’s not doing it for you to like. You’re irrelevant to his desires. There’s no pleasing you queens.
    That’s why you’ll always be alone.


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