19 thoughts on “Underwater Douchebag”

    1. I was in Royal Oak and saw this profile when in the area. Thanks to him I know this website exists. Too bad he’s hot cause he’s a dick whose appeal will evaporate when he hits 25 and his looks disappear.

  1. So very rightfully deserves all of the comments he’s getting – altho must admit that I wouldn’t know this website existed if it weren’t for him – so I guess he has a bit of remote worth afterall! From the Metro ‘D’ area myself btw – know of this little self-centered twerp – and am thoroughly enjoying the entertainment value!

  2. Haha I know this guy, he was in my area over the summer. That’s not even his name. This is by far his most flattering pic. Trust me when I say he is no winner.

  3. He’s an idiot douchebag… Try: ” Don’t message me” …unless you gave your number away which I’m sure is the case…. What a pussy, “…don’t talk to me! Stop it…ehhh…Stop!!!”

  4. Yeah this fucker’s my ex, while we were together he raped someone and cheated on me repeatedly, dumped his ass as soon as I found out. He’s an arrogant asshole who thinks the world of himself and would fuck anyone over at the drop of a hat.

  5. He’s not a douche. He just wants to be with other hot, fit people his own age. So what if that doesn’t include you? You’re not entitled to a young, hot guy. Quit being so bitter. Maybe, if you took better care of yourselves, turned on ESPN and weren’t such obnoxious bitches, you’d have hot, young guys chasing YOU.
    Just saying…

    1. Thank you Adam, even though it seems that no one has cared about this since 2012. Lol! I just love reading the comments and especially HAAA’s. That’s my ex Jim! TOO FUCKING FUNNY!
      I think it’s also funny to see the comments of when I live in the metro Detroit area and people who think they knew me, but clearly didn’t.
      Oh btw MB, I am 25 now and still look damn good! So…FUCK YOU!
      Peace and Blessings. 😛


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