Twin Douches


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13 thoughts on “Twin Douches”

  1. Art- like most of these entries NOTHING! The extremely modest thing was obviously a self-depricating joke because they’d just bragged about themselves. I don’t get this site. I see REALLY douchey guys on my grindr. This blogger just seems like a bitter jealous queen.

  2. I do think their profile was meant to be sarcastic. Sarcasm rarely translates well in a posted message. However, the double headless torso pic puts them squarely in doucheland for me!

  3. Looking for friends, no face, but check out our bulges that you can’t have

    I’ve seen worse, but it’s douchy

  4. They’re not douches.
    They know that they’re out of your league, and don’t want to bothered by bitter, old queens like you, so, they had to crop their faces out of the image.
    Smart men.


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