14 thoughts on “Tech Douche”

  1. You just know someone’s got an amazing personality when they have to mention how much money he has. BORING

  2. Honey, with that look and body, I’d keep my mouth shut and let people message me. You’ve lost many potential hot dates because you can’t keep your ego quiet! The world would be a better place if only people can buy brain at whole foods!!

  3. FAKE. Screams it. My mom used to say “Big dicks and big bank accounts are the same. Those who talk about ’em don’t have ’em. Those that do have ’em don’t talk about them.”

  4. Rich, ur mom sounds awesome. Fake or not, the guy in the pic IS HAWT! Maybe the internet co. Is his porn cam. Id pay to watch him.

  5. He’d be hotter if he didn’t have to use the old MySpace angle on his body pic (camera raised at an angle to make his torso look more toned).

  6. “Big internet company” and the fact that he’s saying he “might” have used other folks’ money — probably some spammer douchebag. Or he’s getting rich off of malware and keystroke loggers. Yep, he wins my award for Douche of the Night!

  7. Just so you know, that’s not his pic. That’s a common pic I’ve seen on grindr. Which sorta makes him delusional on top of douchy

  8. yep. it’s Tyson Paige. seriously, what’s going on in the heads of these judgmental fuckwits who won’t even use a real picture?? like people aren’t gonna notice when/if they meet up.


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