Sup, Douche?

Be nice, he's retarded!

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27 thoughts on “Sup, Douche?”

    1. lol- I actually know the guy he’s quite cool and very fun. You must be some bitter queen that didn’t get your way with him.

  1. I think this guy is hot… This site blows. It’s full of bitter queens who are sad because they get rejected by these hot guys. How can gay people talk about how bullying should stop in schools when it’s still prevalent when we’re older and in our own community.

  2. I’ve talked to him, besides his one track mind of wanting sex right now he seems like a good guy to me. He doesn’t do BS though and I can see how some angry queen would be put off. I just hope he hits me up again so he can bang me!

  3. This guy wanted to bb with me and i told him no way. he’s a hot guy but when i told him i play safe he said goodbye. in my opinion, he is a douche. (and i might get called a douche for saying this but) i know i’m in his league and he’s not worth finding out if you’re hiv+.
    play safe guys.

    1. First off, it’s play safeR. No such thing as safe – talk to your counselor on your next STI check-up about why. And, you shouldn’t judge people who have BB se? just because you don’t. Maybe he is positive, maybe not. But, it isn’t uncommon for positives to play without a raincoat. And, if you’re judging positives, then yes – it makes you the total douche. Love much, lover safeR, don’t judge, and remember that regular check-ups are part of good sexual hygiene. Peace out.

  4. How does being upfront abaout liking BB make him a douche? You coulda got on with the busy, and then when the time comes he tells you, but you have to respect that BB is a fetish that people like, and if they want to put themselves at risk its their choice. Don’t be hatin’ cos his sexual method is not your standard

    1. Right, because unprotected sex is so safe & okay & has never been a problem, especially in the gay community? It’s 1 thing to have a fetish, it’s another to reject anyone who doesn’t share that fetish & actually thinks about health/safety.

  5. So true about bitter queens trying to get back at guys who rejected them. You can’t say he’s a douche by his profile as there’s nothing wrong with it. Can guys keep it to funny, ironic, racist and contradictory profiles? Else it’ll be run over with bitter queens trying to get back at people by being pussies and hiding behind their anonymity.

  6. It’s hilarious how every comment on this site is trying to be correct or trying to point out the hypocrisy in the posts or others’ comments. Guys, it’s just a site to call people douches. It’s not a scientific attempt to distill the idiocy of mankind through Grindr profiles. Lighten up and have fun.

    1. I completely agree. If someone starts me with “Sup?” he better be way cuter than this guy or he will be ignored!

  7. How about that he’s PARTNERED… and has a grindr, loves to BB… and brings “whatever” back home to his spouse… Pretty douchey.

  8. I agree with the EDUCATED people on here… the comments are correct. BB is a fetish and if your not into it then you don’t have to do it! I know this guy and his partner and they are open! And when it comes time to “connect” there is full disclosure about ones status. Quit judging! “Grindr” is more for sex then anything else hense the name! lol so sad people call others out on here cause they couldn’t get laid with someone or don’t respect others preferences. Starting a profile with “Sup”? SO THE FUCK WHAT!? lol are you that shallow Drew? People with the hater comments… GET A LIFE!

  9. BBing is seriously risky. People can be undetectable, get a false negative, just flat out lie about their status. God love this guy’s poor partner.

  10. ready carlos- your also an idiot. They live and play together- sometimes seperate. Don’t judge people based on your own ignorance. DOUCHE! Saying someone is poz or neg when you don’t even know them is also ignorant

    Btw, the chances of a poz dude transmitting HIV with a “verifiable” undetectable viral load is next to impossible. Read the new research or seek out a infectious disease specialist before you start quoting false medical research you know nothing about. I have a degree in Medicine, you have a degree in ignorance.

  11. Really Toby? I’m the one practicing safe sex and I’m the idiot? What’s to stop Mr.Sup from lying to you about his status? He’s already stepping out on his boyfriend, but you think he’s going to be 100% honest with a random trick like you.

    BTW a very close friend of mine just tested positive from having sex a guy who was “undetectable”.

    I’ve been working closely with the people with HIV/AIDS since 1986. Most recently as a volunteer at an LGBT community center, at a hospice, and as a testing volunteer at “Out of The Closet”. Thanks for supporting the good fight!

    I hope you find slipping a jimmy hat on your manhang as easy as you do insulting people you know nothing about.

  12. Lol, Steve oh Steve… It’s cool he had all his friends come on here to defend him. When I was underage, and he was about 12 years older than I was, he followed me into the woods behind a guys house who was having s bonfire bc I had to take a piss…and I turn around and like the biggest creep ever, was asking if I wanted to have sex with him in the woods. He also takes human growth hormone and steroids. If you’re an underage twink in Chicagoland, you have horror stories about this man.


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