Self-Loathing Arab Douche

Wow she’s really working to destroy those stereotypes of Middle Eastern men being homophobic.

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15 thoughts on “Self-Loathing Arab Douche”

  1. Thank the lord for hetrosexuals, not really a douche, but she’s confused and i’m sure most on here would help her sort out her sexuality πŸ˜‰

  2. I dont think that the person who put this up must know him i talked to him on grindr and he is fucking nice as hell a joker but nice. whoever put this up must be pretty lame

  3. He’s not a douche.
    He’s a masculine mane who’s interested in same.
    If that doesn’t include you, so be it. Get over yourselves.
    It’s not like you’ve never been rejected before…

  4. What an ugly personality and face! His nose is fucked up. Too cocky without any reason to be. He makes middle easterns look bad don’t worry we’re not all egotistical and vain like him!

  5. You don’t see the in-joke of “don’t be gay” on Grindr? That’s actually pretty clever! I’d message him just to thank him for the laugh. And why was his race pointed out? If the webmaster truly thinks he’s a douchebag, so be it, but why bring up his race? He’s middle eastern, and? What does that have to do with anything? Curbing perceived homophobia with racism is somehow ok? It’s sad that a few here didn’t get it and attacked him for his appearance too when you know you’d let him fuck the shit out of you if he said hi to you in a crowded room. Come on ladies! You’re better than this.


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